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Having been woken up by some very horrible guitar playing by my dorm-mate next door AND having had a very very(multiply as you like) painful ski trip the day before, I was left with no option but to mutter out curses early morning only to be abetted by my dear friend’s text sent from nearly 4600 kilometers away from where I am from.

In a way it did me good. I had been asleep for nearly 12 hrs and with the semester knocking on my ass, I have found it increasingly necessary to discipline myself. It is time to dust off my bookshelf and gear up for yet another challenging semester ahead.

Plate of pure delight: MoMo:
But before all that, there’s this small deal about Momos. I don’t really have a clue about its humble origins, but boy am I glad that somebody thought of it before I existed. Every bite releases something so tasteful, so intense, so amazing that you are left with a sense of pure orgasmic satisfaction that few foods can ever compete.

Nepal is home to the great Himalayas, we all know that, but is also a home to the most dumpling loving people in the world. With wide varieties of masalas or spieces at their disposal compounded by meat courtesy of poor buffalos, Nepalese have been able to master the art in preparing them.

So if you are not apt in making yourself some at home, you might want to check these places out. (and what places you might want to avoid)

Momo Magic, Maharajgunj
They have redefined what momos should actually taste like. I gotta admit, what they make is just so damn good that writing down here does no justice to those mouth watering pieces of long shaped momos. Whats more, the tomato sauce that they provide combines perfectly with its solid counterpart bringing that tingling spiciness in the mix.
Rs 75 for a plate of buff, Rs 90 for chicken and Rs 60 for veggie.
Taste: 9
Sauce: 9
Hygiene: 8
Filling: 5
Service: 7

Hot Momo:, Balwatar
Having had often gone to the place before I ended up in Korea, Hot momo: had for most of its time stayed true to its name. Reasonably priced with a bowl of hot soup with every plate, it soon became a local hangout for us living close by. Unfortunately though, a year and half years later, I ordered myself a plate only to be truly disappointed on what was to offer. Firstly, there was no soup. No sign of soup! Secondly, they were amazingly slow in service even though the restaurant was nearly empty. Thirdly, the momos were a biggg disappointment. In all the negative vibe that I got, the sauce stood out to be the only savior as I ate hoping that I will never have to come here again.
Buff price: 65
Taste: 4
Sauce: 8
Service: 4
Hygiene: 7
Filling: 7

Dragon, Jawalakhel.
Quite possibly the juiciest of momos that I had in a while, Dragon’s momo has outdone my level of expectations. The ambience is a little better than most bhattis, but when the momos are that good, you tend to ignore whats around you so it really does not matter. The soup was fantastic and with an array of sauce to choose from, you will be sure to go home well and truly satisfied.
Buff Price:Rs 55
Taste: 8
Sauce: 9
Service: 8
Hygiene: 5
Filling: 6

Everest Momo:, Bhagwatibal, Naxal
You get the sense of how good the food is by the measure of how many people tend to throng at that particular restaurant. Everest Momo is one of those kinds of places. Dark, cumbersome but lively, you literally get to see how they cook those “extraterrestrial-awesome” like momos as there is no physical barriers between you and the kitchen. In other words, the kitchen IS the restaurant.
And what can you say about the momos? Dipped in cold watery looking spicy sauce, the taste of hot momo could have never tasted better. They sure know how to cook them.
Buff price: Rs 60

Taste: 8
Sauce: 7
Service: 7
Hygiene: 4
Filling: 5

That should end part I of the momo series. I will be writing more in coming days. Please note that the prices in Nepal are as stable as the politics in middle-east so do expect them to rise at any time.


  1. i love this shit you doing mukhe! uber cool!

  2. Name : Mukhe
    Profession : Mechanical Engineer and Professional Momo Reviewer.

    Seems legit ;)


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