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7 Conclusions: Walking from Lalitpur to Kathmandu

I am not sure what exactly I had in mind, but I thought taking a long walk from Khumaltar back to Balwatar would be the best use of my time. Besides, all that dal bhat and carb overdose wasn't really going anywhere. I reasoned that if I really wanted to see how people went about their business in the valley that's home to 2.5 million people, I should just talk a walk. 
Bad idea. 
Well, I did see what the general people were up to. I did see the uncontrolled, unsystematic chaos that unfolded organically in front of me. I did see a cow take a shit right where thousands of pedestrians walk everyday to work. I also saw that nobody cared. By the time I got home, I had a blog post full of things I got to see.  
#1 The Pollution is Mindboggling I mean, where do I even begin. Long story short, I must have inhaled a kilo worth of dust and smoke while having to endure an equal amount on my face. Half way through my eyes were burning so bad, I had to fake cry. Was a weird scene for everyo…

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