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Atletico vs Arsenal: The Only Game That Matters

When Arsene announced on April 20, 2018 that he would be stepping down as the manager of Arsenal Football Club after 22 years in charge, I did not know how to react. I had written [HERE] back in 2016 that Arsene had to take a break from football and leave Arsenal alone. When that really did happen though, I wasn't prepared. Subconsciously, secretly, I was clutching to those last thinned out cotton strings that maybe he might have a bit of magic left in him to do something extraordinary.
He just might. 
With Arsenal facing Atletico tonight (4 am in Japan which is just the worst time ever) at the return fixture at Madrid, there could be one last twist to such an incredible story from Arsene Who? to Arsene the Professor to well, Arsene Out. Out for him it is, but I strongly feel the players at the club owe him big time and win him a European trophy, even though it's still is a second tier one. 
Things aren't exactly looking great though. The team has lost all - yes all - awa…

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