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27 Life Ideas From A 27 Year Old: #4 Power Of 5 Minutes

There’s a general misconception that starting out small has no significance. Everyone is impressed by someone who could, let’s say, hold a breath for seven minutes straight. That’s very unusual, difficult, abnormal thing to do. Yet, the mass assumes the person naturally can do that. We are so focused on the extraordinary result that is presented in front of us that we forget to take a moment to think of what process he or she must have undergone to reach that point.
Actually, the whole world is wired to look at the result and not process. The key point here is to shift perspective.
David Blaine, the ultra-famous illusionist and endurance artist who has gone on to freeze himeself for over 64 hours, stand on a pole for 35 hours and go on a 44-day wet fast, had braces on his legs in early part of his life. When he had to compete in swimming when he was five, he developed a way in free style to hold his breath longer so that he could cover more ground with his legs in such condition. W…

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