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Learning Machine Learning: Process Breakdown

The handy Oxford dictionary (remember those?) describes learning as "acquisition of knowledge or skills through study, experience or being taught." Humans have, in some ways, learnt the way nature behaves and through years and years and years of painful experience and curiosity, build up a vast array of knowledge that have practical approach to having control over our environment. I see that the overarching goal of learning is learn to control; whether control in form of dams that divert rivers to change one form of energy to the next or predict a weather condition to, again, have control over our time and make decision whether to go forward with that all important BBQ. 
The definition of process of learning though, is entirely subjective. People have their own ways, methods, schedules and regimes to build up skills, to study, to gain experience or to look for mentorship. In many cases, the learning could be structured like how a formal class is being taught. But for many o…

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