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Opinion: Brain Gain for Nepal?

Having stayed away from home for nearly a decade and lived in countries where work-a-holism and alcoholism is the norm and not exception, where systems are flawed yet surprisingly functional, where daily living maintenance is exponentially and exceptionally easier, I can't help but compare the difference in standards that Nepal and these countries have. I really can't help it. I don't want to, but it's so, so eye popping-ly apparent that the elephant in the room can hardly be disguised into a gazelle. 
That's why when people discuss the ever dreaded question having to back to the country of origin, a worrying storm of doubt rushes through the conscious backdoor. Do we really have to discuss this right now? Can't we wait for a later time? Can't we simply live in the present moment like how all those half naked, balls-showing, meditation gurus teach us? I wish we could. In fact, I wish we never have had to talk about this in any shape or form. 

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