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What Homesickness Is Really About: Blame Evolution

I will probably never forget my first day at my old residential school where I spent nearly a decade. I had just turned ten, and here I was greeting Animesh (857C) of Annapurna House who introduced himself as my "guider brother" with a very, very firm handshake (he always acted like he wanted to be in the American Military, trying to kick doors open and wailing "hands where I can see you"). Apparently, he was supposed to train me into the culture of this fantastic establishment I had somehow, fortuitously, got myself into. I vividly remember the day being absolutely beautiful; the sun was warm and high, birds were chirping all around and a huge dose of fresh mountain breeze greeted me wherever I put my stride.
Everything was great.
Until that very first night when it really dawned on me that I was not going back home for a very, very long time. At full force, it hit me. A strong sense of loss. Loneliness. Abandonment. A longing of a loved a one. Longing for whoeve…

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