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Stay Strong Sri Lanka

Look, it's difficult to write anything about what happened in Sri Lanka. Even if Nepal is stretched far up north, the events in the island nation hits closer to home. Not just because I spent most of my time with the Lankans for the past one and half year. Not just because my family has friends there. No. 
It's because such acts could, in fact, occur in Nepal too. 
PRI reports that 7% of Sri Lankans are Christians with a majority of 70% Buddhists. A country that had had a history of ethnic tensions and years and years of civil war, has now to deal with religious tension that had been brewing under the radar; under the radar of just about everyone. Reports that their anti-terrorist agency had placed a warning before but nobody exactly knows whom to blame says a lot how such tensions weren't taken into priority. What's utterly heartbreaking is the loss of children. Innocent Sri Lankan kids who were caught in the middle. 
A quick google search shows 1.3% of Nepalese are …

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