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From WeWork to WeDontWork

The recent news on WeWork and how Softbank had to bail out the company just to keep it afloat is, in many ways, sad to hear. I loved my time at WeWork's office space at Gangnam. It was smack middle of one of the THE most difficult places to have an office space in Seoul and here we were, this five-strong 20 something kids, with literally no money in our pockets and a company that was figuring out how to sell a product- enjoying the Gangnam way of work life. 
If that was a thing.
Peter Thiel's Zero to One outlines a basic strategy for startup to become successful. One, aim providing 10x value to either your nearest competitor or the money that your customer pays. Once you do that, aim at monopoly. Think of all the companies that you use in your everyday life, the Googles, the Facebooks, the Costcos that provide immense value back for the money you do invest in them (for the cost of privacy, sure but you are not THAT important, yet). WeWork was, in many ways, a company that pro…

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