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Changing Perspective from "Problems" to "Constraints"

Back in Nepal from 2000-2010, the utilities that drove homes in Kathmandu were getting systematically and not-so-systematically worse. The water supply was erratic, meaning residents had to resort to adding actual pumps to pull water from the supply. That was completely illegal, of course, but so common the government didn't give a rat's tit about it. The power load management was also absolute shite, so that meant when the new decade came along, the residents in the capital city of the country had to bear a full blown 16-18 hr power outage. You had to literally wait, plan ahead and do everything you needed to do with electricity in that 4 hr, double shift window. 
While this all stemmed from bad planning, mismanagement and overall horseshit from what was basically a failed state trying to get its act together, I saw these as problems. I saw these as huge, huge problems. So imagine when I left Kathmandu and went straight to Seoul. The whole thing of "free flowing utiliti…

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