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In Times of Corona

I have still not got over the fact that I had to cancel my extra-long awaited trip to Seoul. I had it all planned down to the minute and all went down the drain the moment Japan decided to place anyone coming from the peninsula in government designated areas for quarantine. I can live with self-quarantine but the images of Diamond Princess horror show is a bit too fresh to ignore. 
It's not that nothing positive has come out of all this. Hygene has improved significantly even in a country where everyone was already OCD in the first place. In fact, you would not want to be anywhere else. Japan is the final frontier for Covid-19. The final battle shall take place here...because the whole damn place is just so clean. Although we might have to shed some tears for all the lives lost in the battle of The Toilet Papers. 
The place you DONT want to be right now is Italy. 9000+ cases overtaking even all the gallient effort by the shady Shincheonji church in Korea spearhead by their spirit…

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