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27 Life Ideas From 27 Year Old: #5 Art of Gratitude

Every Christmas back in Germany, my family used to join this group of Christians and stay at a lodge in Black Forest. My parents weren't devout Hindus, nor were they really interested in Christianity but the sense of community was strong enough to lure them there during the holidays. My fond memories includes visiting a haunted castle at midnight (nearly pee-ed my pants) and falling off the sledge on the snow face down with my dad.
Good times. 
Of all the memories though, I remember my parents teaching everyone how to make MoMos. The dumpling is quite essentially a Nepali thing (next time you meet a Nepalese, tell them you love MoMos, sit back and watch their reaction) and I could see everyone getting involved. You do actually need everyone's help to cook MoMos. I couldn't wait to get my hands on one of them. As I said, it's a Nepali thing. No one can really explain why we go absolute nuts on a couple of steamed dough wrapped in meat. 
Before I did get to taste those

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