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Why Caste System Was A Good System

Why and how exactly the caste system (social hierarchy) in Nepal (and India) went on to be interlinked to Hinduism and religion is anyone's guess but if one had to seriously put logic to paper, it makes little sense that the religion, as the popular belief is, was the one which imposed such social strata in the society. 
What makes sense though, is the other way round. A proper functioning society requires labor force in each level. We need people who clean the streets, who do agriculture, who do business, who mend shoes and do administration. We cannot have a Robin Crusoe like state where everyone does everything. It's highly inefficient so it's best that a person focuses and fulfills a particular task that benefits the society as a whole and the rest of the people take care of the other aspects that need attention. It's a good, working system. 
The kings of the past understood this. 
They understood that a society needs a diverse spectrum of occupation to keep the w…

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