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7 Conclusions: Arsenal 0 - 2 Man City

The first time Arsene Wenger took his first press conference for Arsenal, I had barely learned the alphabets. In fact, I still relied on my sister lend an extra hand during exams to write down "z" comes after "y." So when new Arsenal boss Unai took showed up in front of the camera with his pointy nose and excessively heavy spanish accent, it felt like a new chapter - the talk of the summer, mind you - had firmly now begun.
Not in a fairy tale, "hey we just beat the champions" kind-of-way though. With Manchester City's Pep doing his Pep thing and Arsenal going one goal down on a very familiar time of the game, there was none. The difference was as clear as any crystal you see in any crystal-ly display; Arsenal under Unai in a transitive stage and City, well, city going about their usual business. 
All's not lost though. There's definitely signs of improvement and belief and structure that will take time to bear fruit. So let's sit down, op…

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