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The Onsen Experience in Japan

My grandpa is now over ninety years old. He wakes up at 4-ish everyday, does his usual thing in the bathroom, washes, prays to his favorite Shiva and then does a bit of meditation. He has his usual breakfast at 8am, lunch at 11, tea/snack break at 3pm and dinner at 7. He walks everywhere he goes. He sleeps whenever he can. He used to have the odd rum and coke once in a while but I hear he's done with that. Mo:Mos? nah, he's still bat-shit crazy about it. He still makes his grandsons drive him to the nearest Mo:Mo bhattis. 
And he has been doing the same thing for the past 50 years.
A lot of people seem to discount the fact that who we are, what we do on a daily basis, forms the foundation for our health. If you think about it, not brushing a day won't make much difference to your oral hygiene. Likewise, going to the gym for a single day doesn't make any difference either. But do that over and over again for a month, and the results start being visible, tangible. 
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