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Japan Time is "Always On Time." Literally.

I had an order coming in from Amazon and I had specifically asked them to place the package in front of my door. I come home expecting a package only to see a leaflet saying "Jesus Loves You." I love you too Jesus Christ, but I wanted my package thank you. Japan Post has this system where they leave a piece of paper with their tracking ID. You can place the numbers on their page, click on the when you will be home the next day and you will have your package delivered to you. In Nepal, you would get love letters from the post office saying "we won't know what will happen to your package if you don't come by tomorrow," so it's a nice change. I set the 12-2 PM delivery for next day and went about my usual training. 
The next day, I left the lab at 11:55 AM thinking that I would most definitely be getting my stuff today. A tinge of excitement hit me as I made my final zebra cross to my home. I take the stairs, get in at 12:05 PM, put an apron, make myself …

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