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27 Life Ideas from a 27 Year Old: #2 Meditate

I never understood when someone said I have to be at present. Especially the people who argued that being here and now brought quite change in the way they interacted with the society and space around them and brought control to range of emotions they go through everyday.  It was probably while sitting down with a school friend who works at facebook and was taking his time off in Seoul, that made me first think seriously about it. He told me something I would have never quite expected him to say; 
He meditates. "You meditate?" I looked at him as if he was plainly bull shitting me. "Yeah, best thing ever. I do it every morning" He replied. "What's it like during the day?" "Zen"
I asked him what person or book or mentor influenced him to do so because for the odd nine years or so I stayed in a residential school with him, he never looked the guy who would. He took a quick glance over his phone and replied, "The Power of Now." Right …

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