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Craft Beer Festivals in Japan for Spring 2019

My hedonistic tendencies have exacerbated with the discovery of good beer and so has led me to this semi-drunk, dopamine induced path of un-quenching, un-unnerving, un-dying quest for better and better and better brew every time. It's a vicious loop in a non-vicious, beer loving way. 
I have, over the years, covered Japanese beer festivals to some extent [Belgian Beer Week 2015 [HERE], Kyushu Beer Festival 2017 [HERE], 2018 [HERE]]. While I would have liked to cover more, logistics is still a major issue in this island country. Going from one place to another is unlike in Korea. You do have to plan out trips to get better deals otherwise it does take a heavy toll on your wallet. And it's not as if the beer itself is already doing that. 
Since it's clearly spring (my laundry are drying up in a day), or does feel like spring, I guess it's time to sit down and go over spring's festivals, specifically on, well.....
Craft Beer. 
We will start out close with:
1) Kyushu …

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