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Anthony Bourdain Passes Away Without Ever Visiting Nepal

What a really weird way to start the weekend.
Anthony Bourdain, Chef turned author turned celebrity food and culture traveller/blogger who had such shows as No Reservations, The Layover and Parts Unknown, was found dead at his hotel room. The initial report states that it was suicide. [HERE]
I first got to know about his work through my brother, which at that time, much of the Layover series was already out. His dry sense of humor, straight no-non sense, honest narration and that incredible prose-style writing made him an incredible, incredible storyteller. What's really so sad is that he never got to take a whim at Nepalese culture and food after travelling nearby parts of India and Sri Lanka. 

It's funny how life can take a turn in a single day. From being a much celebrated chef, writer and presenter and really enjoying what you do to taking your own life and making everyone else feel miserable. It's such a selfish act, yet, in some odd way, I understand. I understand t…

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