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Exploring Okinawa's Craft Beer Scene

Little known fact about Okinawa, and even my Japanese friends from Kyushu didn't seem to be aware of, is that the island has...bull fighting. According to this website [HERE], there's about 20 fights taking place each year. Travel TV host, writer and former chef Late Anthony Bourdain actually goes to one of those fights; yakisoba in one hand and illicit gambling money on the other. Someone has uploaded the short content on YouTube [HERE] but I am sure you have your own ways of finding legal/illegal links online. The full show is a lot of fun. The only downside is that you see Tony. People taking their own lives is something I will never understand.
Another little known fact? The island is ripe with craft beer breweries. The smallest Japanese island packs a punch when it comes to numbers. There's actually more breweries than Kitakyushu (the place I currently reside) and Fukuoka (biggest city in Kyushu) combined. I know this because I actually sat down and did the math with t…

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