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Thoughts: Dashain Blues and Wishes

Eight years. That's how long it's been the last time I got to celebrate Dashain, the biggest festival for Hindu Nepalese (which basically is everyone), eat slow cooked tender goat meat and play cards over warm sun and very bad beer. The funny thing is, I strangely don't miss it. I don't. I don't miss wearing new clothes, going to relatives, getting their blessings and doing all that. I am numb to those feelings and I also don't feel so good admitting it.
Maybe that's also because I am such a horrible Hindu. I have no interest in the religion - the stories are great though - nor do I pretend that I don't eat beef (which basically is eating your god). My love for good steaks are real. I cook them at home. In fact, I made myself a very nice beef keema curry the other day. That also means I am probably taking the ride to hell the moment I say goodbye. If there is an afterlife. that is. 
I don't think I blame the profession that I have taken to display …

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