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Craft Beer Scene /Options in Kathmandu

After nearly a week of constant wrangling with my laptop while trying to go multi-OS, I have finally managed to get it tick-tock-ticking; although -now that I think about it-  I should have just wiped my hard drive clean in the first place. This BIOS-UEFI is tricky, and I might as well blog about lessons learnt in the future. Good thing I had a backup of my documents otherwise I would have been in a much different mood, in a much different environment at the moment. 
So what mood am I in right now you ask? In celebratory beer mood obviously. 
Talking about beer, I was in Nepal for the months of August-September for an entirely different purpose but I also had had the chance to take a closer look at the craft beer scene in Kathmandu. I was very unhappy with the way MUNCHIES (VICE) covered the Nepalese craft brewing culture [HERE] and am equally unhappy with the way I have collected information on the culture too. Suffice to say, interviews that I was supposed to take, places I was sup…

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