I have finally got my ass to sit down and concentrate on something that was long overdue. Don’t get me wrong-I love writing, it’s just that my laptop takes a whole lot of time to open.

Having had gone back to Nepal for some weeks, I realized that by spending your cash on suppose a cup of tea or sadheko Wai-Wai in a bhatti, or getting a bite off that juicy momo: in some random momo-only-restaurant helps to support the local economy. Now you might say this is rather trivial, that we all know this crap, but for me, it was a rejuvenating realization that the more I spend my money on food and on products that are purely Nepalese, the more I was indirectly helping those families, those children that depend on the person running the business.

You, with your money can help the Nepali economy crawl its way up. Nepal has some very interesting shopping and culinary experiences to be unleashed. The items that I am going to discuss here is going to help you navigate your options, plan your budget on buying products that are authentic to Nepal and thus, would insure that the money you invest is going to help the local community as a whole.

Taking inspiration from what Anthony Bourdain does in his culinary adventure, I will make sure to include the places I re-visited and the food that my mouth dipped into or just plainly the things I bought as a gift for my friends here in Korea.


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