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Arsenal’s recent form is like someone who just had a shit lot to drink and thinks he can drive…If you know what I am talking about. Game after game, the team has been disappointing but you learn to move on and try to act as if nothing has happened when Man U fans are hot on your ass.

When all seems not to have gone well, my editor calls me over and says
“hey, you up for the mini issue?”
“sure” and I tell him/her my ideas
“That’s a good one but not this time.mmm I was thinking something about..blahblahblah”
“ok, I will write about blahblah”

Calls me after an hour
“any more ideas?”
“nope. Aren’t we supposed to meet?”
“we can talk this over the phone”
“ when’s the draft deadline?”

So here I am running out of time to finish up my article. You could sorta say that this blog is a “warmup” to my bigger article. Its all been cleared: Interview with someone who knows the topic..check. List of things that needs to be included..check. and most importantly my brain functioning..check. All I now need is some junk on the table and I am good to go.

While winter might be shedding its cold freezing tears, the season is about to change for the better( and then for the worse in summer). However, for all you people who still need winter and trekking attire should give a serious look at the place I will refer below.

Everest Hardware:
Located in the most of difficult places near Thamel, Everest Hardware is packed up with all the clothing gear you require when you are up hovering near the Mountain side. Or if you end up in Russia….orrr just some cold place. From sleeping bags to Downs to super downs to windcheaters, the store has it all. The best thing about it is that its Nepali. Hand-sewn, the gears have been duly used and tested by yours truly. Korea can get really cold and can reach upto -20 degrees during the winter. What better way than to wear Everest Hardware Down Jacket and move around like a madman around the snow? And I have to say, it did miracles.

I will try my best to give you a location “idea” regarding its factory outlet. What you can do is just ask the people around when you are close-by. They might just have an answer. I did the same when I went there for the second time.

and does make your face look meaner

One slight thing about the design though. I don’t know whether it’s because of the material that they have used but its slightly awkward. I can’t really explain how I feel when I wear it but it would do great if they hired a designer. That being said, the clothing is cheaper than what you usually end up buying outside


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