The blog now gets around 70-80 unique views per post which is quite remarkable considering how much crap I write down here. Most people might have just stumbled over or skimmed through, but its interesting to think that people spend a small portion of their life trying to read what shit i have to say.  Well, most of them are involuntary or forceful reading as I frequently and shamelessly thrust down my blog url to my peers but…that still counts.

Over the period of a week, I have clearly lost the ability to organize my thoughts and write them down. I can actually feel that there's a nerve jam over at the brain department as those sensitive muscles try and recuperate with information overflow. I will do my very best to munch on them, gargle them, karate kick them and eventually lay down in simple terms.

But first the awkward moments part II
The awkward moment when you are busy playing air bass in the toilet, trying to find out what you would have looked like if you ever had played bass only to find your dormmate staring at you from the door.  As your brain finally registers what just happened, you act as if nothing happened and quickly splash water with your glasses ON. Always lock the door.

The awkward moment when you remember the horrible things you did the night before and laugh out loud to yourself only to realize that you are in a very crowded place. You then find people staring(again!) at you as if you just ate their kimchi.
Ok. enough.

Morning classes are a big pain in the ass, not just because you have had to wake up early but you have had nothing to eat. As your stomach growls in horror, you are left with no option but to “drink” your own spit to keep things under control.

This almost always happens in my Engineering Mathematics class. But this day was particularly special. Having spent most of the night competing with time to complete SolidMecha assignment, I was in a Zombie like state in the class. Everything was slowwww, my face looked like somebody just abused me and I had no clue on whether I was copying what the Prof wrote or just drawing funny doodles in my notebook. It was a mix.

Suddenly I was brought into attention….
Prof: “This is the most important equation of your life” as he looked into infinity, as always. (you know how people look at something but  they  are not actually looking at anything. THAT look)


I tried to focus my tired eyes over at the board as it said: y”+ay’+by=0. I quickly copied it down.
Prof: “Without understanding this, you cannot understand NATURE *eyes popping*”

I was still in a zombie like state, so I laughed internally. Like if that’s possible. I swear I heard, “Tell THAT to the Avatar guys!”

The week’s Billion Dollar Molecule (BDM…just a normal basic chemistry class, nothing fancy) lecture was in progress when the Prof duly mentioned about strawberries and gamma rays.

Prof: “Since strawberries are not treated with gamma rays these days as consumers were against it, it’s important that you consume them in less than 2 days. Untreated strawberries develop fungus, some unseen, even though you refrigerate them.”

Now this would have been completely normal, and I would have just muttered “Ohhhhh” to show that my general knowledge improved by 0.000001% but something happened to me. I was taken back down the memory lane into December of last year where Halal and I were busily munching on 2 large boxes of strawberries left by dear nj as she forgot to take them back to Mongolia. They were atleast a WEEK old. Halal and I looked at each other at the same time. Shit.  Looking back now, those strawberries did taste weird.

Strawberries remind me of food. As I write this, I am in dire in need of some. It is six in the morning and it feels like an eternity since the last time I had something to eat. But I have to keep going.

As you might have guessed already, I will be touching on variety of food that I came across in Korea. Only this time its going to be more visual and less talking.

lamb+cumin+chilli powder
Korean Pancake

poor lamb

Danny and his Scotch. Haram

Subway is way better than

El Capitano taking control

Left: Sam working out

Right top: Iranian goodies

Right: Sam's ok!

The beauty about nj's cooking.I have to say I am big fan of her skills although she always ends up saying "straight from the packet!" (left: mongolian sugar at all, top left: soup she made, texture is brilliant)..ignore the pic on the right top

Clockwise: Nicely worked out design, usual pepperoni pizza, COSTCO pizza, ramyan with cheese, whole lotta Black forest!! and Soju cap graveyard.

Left top: authentic way of eating cake in Korea, Right top: Butter rice and additional stuff..credits halal


Clockwise: People at work, the new milk filtered Mongolian vodka, Salmon with chicken,rice anddd...mmm..forgot.

       Anddd finally (drum roll)!


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