Remembering 959 Aaditya

Its march 24 and its snowing. Bloody snowing. Oh..wait….looks like the weather gods are done pissing snow. stopped now…… WOW, its suddenly sunny…….korea man..korea. (lupin style*)

Anyways, the week that passed by was nothing but a marathon. I usually wear a running shoe while going to the classes because it is all about how fast I sprint. You have the assignment marathon, classroom quiz triathlon, project work decathlon, fasting pentathlon and so on. With the first midterms in clear sight, the coaching staff will be squeezing the life out of everyone, anyone.

With such heavy mental and physical pressure to cope up with, I thought writing about someone whom we have always given a thought to, someone who has changed our lives forever, someone who you can’t connect via facebook, someone who was the most genius of all, someone we can never ever meet…would be a better idea. Although I never got to know him enough, we ate the same meal, shared the same dorm, took the same classes, grew up together. Rephrasing, he was basically a part of our daily lives for almost all years spent at our residential school. 959 Aaditya.

It is worth noting to think how a person has an incredible potential to shape our lives and our future. Directly or indirectly, short term or long, Aaditya has changed everyone’s lives. The people who got refused for A levels at our school for expressing their emotions after his demise are possibly the once hardest hit. Yet there’s no denying that I could have not ended up in Korea, you could have not ended up where you are, the guys who came in A levels could have not got in and so forth, had he been still alive. For instance, we would have never organized the Cricket tournament on his name, the media would have never covered about it, I wouldn’t have got sunburnt, we would have never witnessed how dedicated Amit aka “ghoda”, “guy who has the useless nak” could work, THAT guy taking a nap in the nearby fields would have probably lived to see another day (details later). His demise triggered a chain reaction in our fundamental system that has and will affect all of our future.

What can you say about Aaditya? He was the best of the crop, the brainiest of all of us studying at Budhanilkantha. We were all aware of our school’s reputation and on top of that he screwed us all up. An extraordinary talent, he consistently won school level scholarly prizes, appeared in the Principles Merit list almost all of the time and at the same time, excelled at sports too. He would have been an important asset to a nation that’s wretched by a decade’s worth of bloodshed and constant instability. As the cliché goes, good people don’t live long.

It was the summer of 2004, our first term exams were in full swing. I was busy answering my question paper when I forgot something fairly simple. It was our Agriculture exam and the question read:

1.c) “The local name of a hybrid cow species that had blahblahblah features”_________ (remember those stupid blanks? Sad we don’t get them these days.)
Aaditya was right in front of me sooo I had to take my chance.

Me: Psssssssst! Aaditya, whats 1c? naaam kere?
Aaditya: *turns his paper and then pulls his ear lobe*
Me: (at this point I thought he didn’t get the question) 1c, 1c!
Aditya: *Pulls his earlobes harder*

What was most puzzling was that he had an ear of He couldn’t have possibly not hear what I just said. THEN it hit me. Laamkane!!! (translated as “long ears”) . Of course! The breed’s name was Laamkane!

As you can see, I don’t need to explain too much about him.

RIP dear friend. Losing someone you don’t know but hear it from somewhere is depressing enough, losing a friend has no bounds. It’s unfortunate that people like us are still behind to clean up the mess around when we clearly needed you. We will never forget the final time we set our eyes upon you in that stupid-scary hospital, your eyes closed, your body white as snow, the complex blue system of nerves that surfaced over your chest and….. that subtle smile on your face.


  1. very heart-touching Abhu... So sorry to hear about your loss! :(


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