Curbing Suicidal Tendencies

Meanwhile in Billion Dollar class…

Prof: Anyone here heard about the Bhopal disaster?
In the background, the projection read: “40000 people in Bhopal, India lost their lives due to some chemical shit.”

Prof: Anyone here from India? (looks at the three brown guys sitting in the class. Two Bengalis and one Nepali)

Prof: No one from India here? (this time, looks at each brown student one after the other as if he’s telepathically asking “Are you sure?”)

I was minding my own business, however, the guys behind were busy making air arrows showing that I was in fact the guy the Prof was so desperately looking for.  I should I have just raised my hands to avoid further awkward confusion and said in this real thick indian accent the way Russel does, “ Yes sir. I am Indian and my brother died that day!” and start getting all melodramatic, throwing chairs around, crying with hands up in the air and as if that wasn’t enough, crashing into the windowpane and falling down straight into Halal’s fourth hand bike destroying it completely. *You can add an explosion there if you like*

Talking about jumping out of the window…oh ok, I will back to that in a while.

When you are in the class, you seem to realize that there’s a huge imbalance in the knowledge you have acquired so far and the knowledge the Prof seems to know.
To put this into perspective, lets say we have 3 liters of a jug. Mind you, a glass jug. If the Prof gets to drink them all because of the amount of shit he has in his brains, you just get to take a sniff. That’s it. It will take some years before you can get the first drop of that golden brown crispy malt. And when that very same difference unfolds in the lecture room, you are left with your mouth open at the amount of speed at which your Prof solves an ODE  he obtained by looking at a beam supported by springs with inconstant force acting on top. Phew.

Wait..let me record Halal snoring…………Ok done. I can use this to blackmail him for food.
Jose telling me not to joke
about suicides. She is funny.

I was supposed to write something entirely different for this blog, I had it written down already. Unfortunately though, something from not too long ago forced me to adapt to that recent accident. Or rather an “event” which envolves jumping.

I got a text yesterday from Halal in Kakao. It read:
Somebody jumped out of the windows!
Lupin was quick to reply: Somebody jumped out of the WINDOWS?
I got myself involved: Next time, its going to be out of iOS
Lupin added: or Linux

All jokes aside, there WAS actually a guy who jumped out of the window from a stair below us. The details are still sketchy as to why the electrical major freshman did so and from exactly where, but there is really nothing surprising considering how often people hang, jump and cut these days. Suicide rate in University like ours is quite high. You see these suicidal hotlines everywhere stuck up on the walls, toilet doors and even windowpanes.

Imagine how his parents must be feeling right now. After all the effort put in, all the money spent on raising him to that level, the initial joy of finally making into the top university in Korea after 3 years of intense non-stop studying where only a percent of Koreans make it in. In one leap and 3 seconds of fall, all THAT went down the drain. The paramedics did their best to keep him alive but it was just too late.

I cannot understand what goes on just before a person decides to take his own life. If he thinks his life is so screwed, what about the millions who still have absolutely nothing eat? What didn’t he have? What more do we end up expecting ourselves to be?
I don’t get it. I don’t. Its just ridiculous. Maybe I should put on his shoes and see it in his perspective.

Well, if I ever had to do it now, put on my track pants, warm up a bit, do some light lifting, maybe thrown in some punches on Halal before I finally run 10 meters and leap from the balcony into open fresh air and let gravity do it’s thing, I would have most probably thought ,”Hey, what would I have missed?”

Care for a chicken before the jump?
The Euros 2012:
I cant wait for Germany to kick Spain’s red ass this time. I been following the team from the time I cant really remember when, but I sure know I used to wear that white thing since I was 6. Back then, when we used to live in Karlsruhe in germany, football was something that I never missed to..well…watch..not really play. I sucked at playing.

I remember this one time, after a torrid goalie spell on the cemented floor of our small but cozy apartment, my parents thought it was finally time that their son should try out to a local football club. After a game, the coach had seen enough and told me that I sucked in the nicest way possible. My parents nearly ended up paying for the plastic surgery. He didn’t give me my position anyways.

This other time back in Nepal, we were having our exams in full swing. Hobbe wanted me to join him play “pass the ball” in the Top pitch of our school and it so ended in me breaking my left hand while trying to stop Michael’s powerful (grade 6 power I mean) shot. The ball stopped but I went in. What happened next, I don’t want to remember because I get reminded every time the old guys gather up.

So basically from then on, I had watched the game either from the rusty black and white TV or from the bench. So I am well experienced with the "seeing" side of the game.

Why the hell would I miss Germany lift a trophy after 16 years anyways? Here's a preview of what to expect from Germany’s game. I have also been following this website since 2006. Gives pretty interesting insights.
Nachos goes well with Kimchi as well


Just the thought makes my mouth wet with lust. The longing that I have for that round dallu dallu, hot, juicy delight is enough for me to put on my running shoes, cross the most dangerous border in the world into North Korea, across whole china, on top of Everest and down to Kathmandu. Oh, how I would love to bite you.


So there you have it.  Enough short terms reasons that allows me to think again before I leap. RIP unknown guy. Its sad that you left, but you just made me realize that there’s much more to life than just ending it right away.


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