Crazy rides & Kakaos

Playing a game of football with half naked, sweaty 50 year old's wasn't the best thing that happened this week, although they did prove that age isn't a factor at all.In fact, they had way better stamina then most lazy,nose digging early 20 kids in the field. I was right up for it early in the game; creating chances, creating problems, exploiting space, hitting the post a couple of times and finally getting an assist. And just when i thought i had rediscovered my "down the drain" form, it happened. My lungs suddenly raised its hand in agony and my feet got completely super glued to the ground. When a 45 year old Ajashi came charging with his sweat soaked belly frantically moving up and down *use slow motion*, i had no choice but to be a gentleman and let him take the ball. 

The game seemed to drag on for eternity and when somebody finally shouted something in Korean, we all headed out to the bench. I thanked everyone for the game-for which they responded with complete apathy-and as i slowly made my way back to my cozy shower room, somebody shouted behind saying,"Its just half time, come back here!" Predictably, i was practically non-existing in the later half only touching the ball when it came dangerously close. And on one rare occasion, in the dying minutes of the game, i managed to pull the trigger as the ball ricocheted off the keeper's balls onto someone's head, onto someone's beer belly and straight into the net. the best pinball suicide goal you will ever witness.we won.

So I sit here with a terribly sore ass. Its nice that you have the room for yourself, not because you can go around the room naked, but you can just relax where ever possible without bothering anyone. I have extended my territory-for the time being-into halal's previously owned territory which means that all of my crap goes to the other half. Living alone is just fantastic.

Since halal left, i have been secretly thankful that i will never ever have to ride his bike again. I tell you, that thing is a moving pain. The shock absorbers are shocking indeed because everytime a hump comes in, you have to pray that your bones stay in the right place. I mean you actually get muscle cramps riding that thing. How serious is that? And i haven't touched on Halal's amazing bike skills yet.

Rain or no rain, red or no red light, bumps or no bumps, cars or no cars, people or no people, he rides his bike in the same consistent speed. I wish i could say the speed was anywhere near safe. Its like you are forced-strapped into a crazy one wheeled roller coaster with absolutely no safety while a deep dark character laughs and presses the launch button. Lupin was telling me that once when he tried to remind halal that there was this bump ahead and halal, not knowing what he said, looked back and shouted,"What? cant hear you!" only for the bump to arrive at just that moment nearly knocking him off the bike. Good thing he lets his passengers wear his helmet.

I would have loved to write more but there are urgent pressing matters at hand. I have to pack up for tomorrow's trip to Hanoi. I heard its rather hot there and i am not really sure whether my sweat glands will be all too happy. I do have hyper active glands i tell you.

But before i say goodbye for a good week or two, i will leave you with something that most people here spend substantial time on: Kakao. Its one of the most popular messaging app here in Korea, with almost all people with smartphones using it.

Here's some random texts. you will have to click on them


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