Alcohols and toilet doors don't go well together

I hate alcohol.

I was waiting for this toilet door to open for the past 5 minutes with absolutely no success. My kidneys were on overboard, trying to keep the greenish freaky liquid in but it was about time they opted to press the self-destruct button.

*knocks hard* answer. *knocks harder*. No result.  *punches the door and makes a painful muted cry* no avail. I knew the toilet was not locked because I was aware that some people had left the table and successfully emptied their bawl. The toilet door was seriously testing my patience.

The guy waiting behind was equally desperate and looked understandably annoyed. I glanced back to make a wtf look but instead of giving me a smile which I had hoped for he gave ME a wtf look  and simply strode in front and went straight into the toilet.
I could not believe my rusty eyes…until I realized the bloody door had to be pushed the other way. I mean who pushes the door from the left instead of right. what? You do? Dammit.  Screw alcohol though, it does skew better judgment as Wikipedia says.

It also takes you to faraway places you never knew existed.

After saying goodbye to le boss and le cheerful, i headed to the SISA membership training “hotel”(also known as MT. when you join a new club, you have these MT’s where you go and basically drink with new people so that you get to know them. Or eat or sleep….hmm that came out wrong. They are usually overnight) which was quite a subway distance from where I was. Having had that new bamboo wine, which was not wine and I don’t know why they call them wine (it is wine actually) but the Panda thing was really getting into my bloodstream. It was infinitely better than the usual soju but and was also better than the fresh makali we had just before so i ended up drinking more than I thought. It always happens that way doesn’t it?

So I was making my way as the subway helped me move until I blacked out. I have seen people black out on subways and it is something that induces infinite haha but when it happens to you, it is not something that induces haha. No. I woke up in the last station of the subway and it was 1 am. So basically to sum it up: I didnt know where I was (shortened as IDKWIW because I don’t want to type this again)+my brains playing tricks+weird eyes staring at me+my phone batt was at 4%.o.m.g.

The best way to get back now was to hop into an empty cab and that was what I did. Only that I found it amazingly difficult to explain where I intended on going.

“Ajaashi (the way you call out to people), Euiljiro 4 station”
*keeps looking at me* my Korean needs some serious beating.
“Ajaashi… euuijaro? Euujeroo? Euljiro? Alzaziro? Alzazira?”
*still keeps looking*
I showed him the direction via my now almost dead phone. “Ahhhhh..Euijiro 4!”.that was EXACTLY what I said the first time.  

너무 멀어!” (too far)
“can’t we just go?”
너무 멀어!”
“I got that but can we go now please?
*finally steps on the gas*

Which lead to a scene where the taxi driver spoke in rapid fire Korean and the confused brown guy sitting in front made use of his massively battered Korean vocabulary. Any external bilingual listener would have declared that he would actually make sense of his crazy dog’s bark than our 99% guess work conversation. It was like two hamsters from South America and Europe suddenly met at this café and tried making a small talk on their own local hamster language only to find out that they are basically talking nonsense. It was like in class where you “listen” to professor speaking but what you actually do is play an hour’s worth of “did he mean that orrr that?”  guess work game.  It was like…ok I am crossing the line here. The brain’s going overboard.

To make a very tediously long story short, I reached my intended destination thanks to a host of people who had to communicate and send out a search party to look for my black ass. I was actually really happy when I got rescued from the taxi driver.

Whats the lesson here you ask? Hmmm..*thinks hard* 

Btw, if you happen to see us cooking captain BBQ’s (you know who you are haha) recipe bau curry in the 919 kitchen, do say hello. We don’t have enough for everyone but we can still share what we have.


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