Bloody midterms

I don’t know why I am here but I am here anyways. Now don’t start looking up and shouting out to the heavens complaining how you have to listen to my crap again. This promises to be a short one becauseeeeee  of the midterms (choose any one of these sound effects in the background: a) thunder crashing b)noise of cats and dogs fighting c) tornado uprooting a house d) a cow mooing e) local saying “ho bhanna?”)

There hasn’t been much between the previous blog and now besides CAD prof waking me up in the class saying the class was over, pouring my stress over to pimply and working on to sell “who should not be named”’s  dog. Oh yeah we have the new issue of Quill out as well. Should definitely check out the arts and culture.

Thanks to le SISA boss, I am now in a different place than the usual 301 computer room as I had so aptly lost my laptop charger. Who knew that losing your laptop charger meant losing your laptop as knew? Good for you…. Anyways I was starting to get so desperate that my ass involuntary sat on any chair that was right in front of a computer. I go to the library, I use the computer. I go to the computer center, I use the computer (mm yeah..thats obvious I think), I go to my friends room, I kick him out and use his computer. I go to global, I use the retarded computer. I go to the SISA lounge, I use the damn computer that takes ages just to open up a page. You could literally brush and come back and STILL have the page loading. You got the point here didn’t you? (please read from top if you didn’t) Of course, the whole week was a complete“electrical” disaster for me. My kindle demised prematurely, I dropped my cell phone at least a hundred times, I lost my laptop for a while again, my TI stopped responding, my razors cut me and my favorite socks tore. Taking pity on my situation and getting increasingly frustrated at seeing me not do anything about buying a new charger, le boss decided to take matters into her own hands. Wallah, the next day she handed me down a brand new charger and I have my laptop back and running again. Cheers to you. I dedicate this blog to you, how about that huh? What? I don’t have to? ohh you are too kind.

In a way writing in your own laptop gives you a sense of freedom that you cannot emulate on others. So yeah I am basically typing down whatever’s on my brain right now. So my brain is slowly starting to get empty as we speak.

Talk about stress
This time of the year tends to be quiet hectic for students around here. Besides the usual, they have the added pressure of the midterms and that tends to take a toll on their social life. I had some and going to take some next week.  I think that’s one of the prime reasons I here anyways. Looking at the fat, amazingly encrypted book on aerospace structures was bleeding my brain to scholastic death and I needed in some way to channel that on to someone. Usually it was pimply but I will give her a break today.

I don’t know about you but I miss those days when all you had to do was to study for the exams the day before and you could get a neat 80 percentage. It was a time when you could do plentiful yet get the grades that you wanted. Those are just a figment of imagination now. I think that was pre-SLC era.

Now, its tougher. The whole course is cramped up in 3.5 months with loads of assignment to attend, midterm crap1 and crap2, and so on. Not to forget the projects and the softwares and designs that you have to learn plus the quizzes. This week we had a quiz of about an hour and a quarter. How is that supposed to be a quiz? I don’t know about the system in the US but quiz here is about 10 min tops. I panicked a bit when I saw 8 questions when I was expecting 3.

Imagine a box tagged as “knowledge you need before the exam”. Make it twice the size you are thinking. Now take an A4 sized paper and just think about the thickness of the paper. Suppose I read the text of a book, let’s say “Structural Analysis” one time, drop the page. Now think about how many A4s I need to fill that box. Its just insane. These books really tend to test your patience to the limit. Finally, that I have made some really amazing people around that they at least help me get that box filled up 10 percent. There’s a huge difference when there is someone who shows you how you should study.

That’s exactly what I miss from my previous school. You had a problem, you take a few steps and you had these seniors, friends, dogs, snakes, wolves helping you around. I walk around here expecting the same only to be disappointed. But that’s slowly changing. The more I socialize, the more I get help around. Staying introvert here is really not the option.

i had serious problems putting this on
Getting hold of past paper is something of a huge challenge for international students here. I remember the time when I had loads of shit papers to practice and get acquainted with the question format but there’s seems to be a paucity of options or “sources” here. Thanks to captain bbq, chang ve and jerry the other day that I was able to least avoid getting my balls busted even in comparatively simpler courses such as engineering econs and ethics.

Anyways, I am running late to upload my solidworks assignment. I heard we need to attach a report as well so I will be working on that now. I thought the blog would be short but I can see that it’s quite somewhere far from being short. Have yourselves a good week ahead.

And happy dashain.


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