Saturday mornings you go *boilk*! + Food ver 2.1

The Intro:
Saturday mornings are funny aren’t they?

You wake up with a sore head and then wish your roommate morning only to wonder whether if it’s really morning. And then you realize that it’s not morning at all. You drag yourself to the washroom, take a cold shower and while doing so, slowly come to terms on what actually happened the night before. And then you go down to the shop to get yourself some liquid only to find yourself amongst half zombie, half Korean guys speaking half zombie, Half Korean language. Everyone’s having a difficult afternoon it seems. Drinking is not a luxury here, it’s a lifestyle. I am not sure if I am a big fan.

The blackout:
Blacking out was never an option before. Nope. When people claimed that they couldn’t remember what happened the night before, I usually used to go.. “what is wrong with you”, “how can you even lose sense of what’s going on”, but lately due to some misfortunate incidents, I find myself in similar circumstances.  Not knowing what you did kind of sucks. Listening to stories from people who had their brains at the right place at the wrong time sucks even more.

The Norebang: Karaoke means business
“Crystal Clear”: Friday night’s outing though, was an exception. Everything is as crystal clear as it can be. Except for few minor details where I don’t have single clue as to why the guy in front of me was pissed as hell and wanted a soju/mehwasu bottle on my head (I know I am a nice guy and I mean harm to no one which makes this even more confusing), I have everything recorded up in blue-ray format up there somewhere.

But before I can go on to tell what actually happened, I need to first explain how the drinking structure in Korea works. Yes, there is a proper structure which finally ends up in a Karaoke place but not necessarily so. Sometimes, Koreans seem content on having a massive “lets hug the road till late morning” contest.

The structure goes something like this:

  • 1.   You get cozy on a couch, people are sober, drinks start pouring in, you eat some really really spicy chicken, some soup (there’s always soup), some kimchi, some more drinks, more drinks. And then you leave the place.

  • 2.  You get to the next place. Preferably a place nearby, order the drinks, some soup again and drink. And talk. You notice the talk starts getting louder and the laughter harder. Some just tend to keep quite. They like it that way. And then you leave the place. Some people leave

  • 3.  You get to the next place again. Order Makali (similar to Nepali Chyang) because you had enough of So-Mek (Mixture of Soju and Mekju (Beer in Korean) or Panda drink (depends if you are in Panda, cheers boss for locating the place.), order the weirdest thing on the menu, eat, frequent the bathroom, get confused while opening the bathroom (brain plays tricks on you sometimes), play some Korean drinking games which you don’t seem to do well and then you leave the place. Some more people leave.
Tintin in Tibet: Chyang gets a mention
  • 4. You go to the next place. Yeah again.  This time it’s a place away from the busy know a place more peaceful, or so you think. Order, eat, drink, talk, laugh, repeat. And you leave the place. The concept of “home” has not come to you yet.  Now you are left with a handful of people.

  • 5.  You go to the next place (again?), talk talk talk and annoy people and drink more. Leave the place and somehow get home.

And so I end up summarizing the whole night. If the fact that we ended up go drink hopping (called a “Chha”, 1 Chha, 2 Chha, 3 Chha…and some our case: 5 Chha)  to 5 places was crazy enough (usually ends up with 3 and then the Karaoke), the bill that came out redefined craziness. Our magazine was responsible for it, so it kind of seems ok…but what if we don’t have enough to get the next issue out?..nah we always seem to find a way. Even if it means cutting down MT.

I will leave you with some pictures for now (not related to what was said above) as my belly needs urgent attention.

Nepali Aloo + Halal Cheese Special

Momo: Di's soup 

Chicken curry, the way you love it

Momo: in the making

Raw Beef

Halal's special omelette. He's starting
cook these days

Makalli place: The owner came to drink with us later.
guess he was bored.

Iranian Pasta + Nepali Chicken Curry+
Mongolian cocktail

The Last Supper


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