China Photo Blog: Day 1

My semester officially ended at midnight yesterday after I finally got through with my final report that needed much attention. After 10 days of using my jaw muscles and making absolutely no use of my brain, I found it particularly hard to sit down and patiently work on my report.  As they say, everything has a certain momentum.

It is hard to conjure upon my first impression of Beijing, because for one the weather was nothing like I expected and two, the roads looked pretty empty. I was told that the capital would be particularly hot during my time there but it was anything but. The weather reports eventually got it right later, with soring midday heat, but there was always that rush of cool air to keep the temperature down. Maybe it was just the place I was residing in. There was this nice little riverside where I could go out with my kid brother and walk and talk nonsense. Perhaps this was the ideal time to go visit Beijing.

I also realized that the city was much bigger than I thought. I mean it’s too damn big. When a walk around a palace takes up the whole day, you can imagine how much area that you have to cover. You have bloody lakes inside the palace grounds for christs sake! And I thought our palaces back home were tiring to walk through.

I was also surprised to see how people do business there. When the initial price for the same T-shirt can come down from 200 Yuan(approx. $35) to 30 Yuan(approx. $5) (of course, you need that bargaining mouth and some acting skills, which can be very tiresome and time consuming but fun at the same time. Once, I put my skills to overdrive and the lady responsible got so irritated that she eventually ended up saying “You no come back to my shop!”), it is obvious of the most obvious fact that they want to get the most money out from you. I asked a business woman how she can live with such cheating and she said “That’s how we do business here.”

I understand the need for people to get rich very fast, very quickly but hey, please don’t make it so obvious. In that regard, I have a new sense of respect for people involved in businesses in India, at least they try not to make it so obvious while they get your money out of your pocket while selling shit. One second the dumpling costs 15 Yuan and other you find the same guy saying "NO! I no take 15!, 30, 30!".... seriously?

So without much delay, here are the pics from day one.

Beijing's Subway. For 2 Yuan a ride, it's 1/3rd of the price you pay in Seoul. 
Bus costs a mere 0.4 Yuan if you have the transportation card.
That's cheaper than Nepal.

I forgot the name of the buildings but the one on the right was supposed 
to be the main hall for operas. the main structure actually lies underneath
the water body that you see. So basically when you look up from inside, 
you see the water. 

The Forbidden Kingdom entrance. A large picture of Mao hangs in the entrance.
Every year the picture is taken off and replaced by an identical one.
Then it gets repainted. The painter is a closely guarded secret.
And the cycle repeats.

Wangfujing's Street Food District. It's advised to know how to purchase stuff.
 For instance you want to buy some dumplings 
so you first show the money from far distance, 
and point it at the food. Once he nods his head to say that it's correct,
place on hand on the food plate and the give the money by the other.
I failed to do so and i ended up paying twice just to get my dumplings BACK.

no comments.

I start losing my appetite.

SnakeBBQ, did feel weird to taste a reptile's meat 
that you fear like crazy. Weirdest creatures i tell you.

Lamb BBQ, now you'r talking!

F^&* off! will you?


And more dumplings (flat)

And yet more dumplings

My dumplings.

Fancy more lamb?

Fruits coated in sugar


  1. this is really surprising. my email address name is madeinepal and so was my previous blog few years back. giggles*** ....

  2. i came across this blog after trying to find the meaning of my name ' bhisan ' .... weird ! anyways good trip in china ! am in hk !!!

  3. Hahaha..i have no clue what's bhisan too..if i am not wrong there is this phrase called bhisan akraman or something.

    i heard hk pretty amazing too..even better than shanghai and that you get to taste the best beers in the i will try going there sometime later


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