Two quick thoughts on China

If you ask me to write down two thoughts that come synonymous with China I would say…

The beer’s god damn cheap
 It’s crazy big. So big you need your walking shoes or even running shoes..
mm..and yes..the beer’s pretty cheap..did I say that already?

Finally after series of unfortunate events (the lockdown, the car crash on terminal 3, the non-verbal purely sign language fight with a guy from among a country which had “kistan” at the end to get my airplane seat back) i am finally in Incheon airport. Well, you might ask why I am in the airport instead of being all cozed up in my room..I have to say, that’s a really good question.

Since somebody decided to pick up my luggage thinking that it’s his, and then realizing that the luggage was not his and then deciding to give it to the lost and found INSTEAD of putting it back to the stupid thingi that goes round and round WHILE I was busy screwing my eyes and wasting my time thinking that I lost my luggage AGAIN, I missed out on the last bus that goes to my university. And so here I am, in the airport, using airports wifi, sitting down and typing this down. The place is actually not bad though.

This post will serve as a preview to what’s about to become a series of posts regarding China, most notably about Beijing and what little I got to see of Shanghai so will leave some pictures for now.

Will be back very soon.


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