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I noticed that i was getting some traffic from TheKimchiQueen blog and it so happens the blogger included this article in his reading list. 

He notes that the post isn't one of the most "inspired reports." I was just merely trying to say that Korea was not as straight as I perceived it to be.

It would be rude not to backlink him so if you are into gay stuff especially in Korea, here's the link. I have to warn you, some of his posts are pretty shite. 


I was with Linus this weekend for Color me RAD -an expensive yet enjoyable modern take on Holi- and we had to do this 5K thing. I was out drinking a night before and so forth was not sure if i was hungover or drunk when i reached the event venue. Maybe a bit of both. The mix of sakke, soju and mehwasul is a potent one I tell you.

Just when we were lining up in the starting gate, I realized that i needed to go empty my bawl pretty bad. Now don't go "ewwww" on me because I know you do that too. As i mentioned earlier in one of the posts, one of the prettier girls in our class let out a nasty fart and then after everyone caught her doing that, she claimed it was "all natural" and that it was "ok" to fart loud. hahahaha, i need a breather. Likewise, it is "all natural" to want to go empty your bawls in the morning. I need another break here. *phew*

I don't remember what I had that night, but my stomach was not taking that very well. So every time I jugged or said "shit," i got reminded that I seriously need to take a break from the 5K and look for a restroom. Well, funny enough, just when I thought i had lost all hope, pop! came out a washroom at the side of the running track. 

Hurriedly, i went inside only to find out the door wouldn't lock up. Keeping one leg on the door and the other to balance it out, i completed the mission with much ease. To my horror though, when i looked around for the tissue, i couldnt locate it anywhere. When things go wrong, things go annoyingly bad.

Fortunately for me, I had been in a similar situation a few times before, so experience took over. Poor Linus had to go search for the tissue and hand it over to me. But he did make that obvious joke about how he would not pass the tissue before he reluctantly did the opposite. A big weight had been lifted off my ass.

Period. (again)
This blogpost was supposed to be about momos and not about people searching for the restrooms, so without delay, here are the pictures from China.

There is this joke about how a Nepali should marry a Chinese for the greater good of Momos because the Nepali takes responsibility of the sauce while the Chinese takes responsibility of the Momo itself. In some regard, this point makes sense as I feel that besides using soya and chilli paste, the Chinese have a disappointing taste in making the right sauce for momo. This being said though, they nail the solid portion.


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