Thoughts on Surya Karki and his free private school(s)

There has been much buzz about the work Surya Karki has done back home, establishing three different (free) private schools in three different regions of the country, operating completely through the means of sustainable farming. Reports claim that there are about more than a hundred students tying their future with the project but we all know how that goes. There are always a few exaggerations on the way, a few absentees and so forth, the actual students who do end up in rural schools are far less than the given amount.

What I did saw in places I have been to in rural Nepal with an exception to a place called Amalbesi (half a day ride and half a day walk from Banepa) is that parents these days are willing to send their kids to school. It is a concept that will make a radical impact in our society in the future. Think about how our parents had to struggle through mud and water to get through basic education and see where they ended up now. Going to school is important, even though the quality of education could be dismissal.

I have to give it to the guy. If the concept is as original as he states it to be, its fantastic. It is simply, fantastic. He is using the tools that’s right in front of him to dig gold and the impact that gold will make to the future of those kids will be heartwarming to see. It will. This being said, it also serves as a kind reminder to all of us lazy folks out there that we need to give back to the society that we have taken so much from.

(Article link here: Christian Science MonitorChange Maker of the week thing, Kantipur)

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