Tell Me Your Dreams

I was panting, sweating and running for my life. I looked behind to see three gigantic men, with ninja swords in not so ninja outfit coming after me on cycles. Not just any cycle. A Hero cycle. I thought they were out of fashion but these gang members seem to take them way too seriously. I turned a corner, opened a nearby door and pufff...I was back in shanghai overlooking the river. The dusk seemed to make the view ever more pleasant. The golden light that lit far across the water added an extra spark to the whole scene.

There was a chair waiting for me. I sat down, took a sip of the expresso (which I have no clue how got hold of) and I felt quite pleasantly at home. Just when I thought everything would be ok, the three gigantic pigs (on their Hero cycles) appeared right from the middle of the river. One even had a sign on his head marked as “stealth mode”. Stealth-mode-my-ass. I stood up and did some stretching. This was going to be a long night after all.

But before I could even run, one of the pigs disappeared and reappeared on the direction I was plotting my escape. It kinda reminded me of the movie Jumper but instead of a friendly thin guy jumping around, there was this guy who was trying to kidnap me for reasons unknown. I had barely a dollar in my bank account, what were they after anyways? Maybe my kidneys, who knows? There was this guy in china who sold his kidney for an ipod so the kidney theory was in the realm of possibilities.

Anyways, the guy who stood in front me did not seem to know what to do next. After a long awkward pause, he opened his mouth only for a siren to come out. “Honestly man, did you have a fire alarm for dinner?”  I asked. Siren was the answer. More Siren, the sound kept getting bigger and bigger and….(keep saying that for 5 min)
I woke up to hear the fire alarm.

It is rather interesting how your body reacts in such situations. Your survival instinct takes over and all you find doing is running like hell. I jumped out of my bed while still in my boxers, ran all the way down from the 9th floor out in the open cool air. Should I wake up the others as well? Nahh just shut up and run.

 But I noticed something strange…Why was I the only one running?

I looked up to expecting to see some wild fire raging from one of the apartment floors. Nothing. I looked around to see some smoke, at the least. Nothing. I look around myself if anyone was confused as me. There was no one in the first place.

Somebody must have been smoking in his room. False alarm.

I come back to my dorm apartment, only to find the other guys still dreaming about lands far beyond. Finally, one of the guys woke up, opened the door, went outside dragging his feet in his pajamas, looked at the red siren that was alive, gave a “Meh..” sound, shut the door and went back to sleep.  He didn’t seem to give a fish’s tits about the alarm.

I take out a pair of cottons as well, stuff it well inside my ears and close my eyes to find myself in eternal darkness. No pigs this time.


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