“Beer Rationale” Fundraiser

(Warning: For genuinely interested individuals ONLY, others can just skip this and move on with their shit. I don’t reserve any right to waste anyone’s time)

All my life, I have been extremely, extremely fortunate to have parents who have invested so much of their time, energy and most importantly, their money into my education. Although I pretend not to give a shit, I actually do. But for some unfortunate prison kids in Nepal, they cannot afford to say so.

Children of fugitives who have had to live with their parents behind bars in Nepal face a huge dilemma. Nor can they free themselves from their parents, nor can they receive proper education inside.  Just take a moment to think about the future of such kids. The cliché “putting on their shoes” works just fine here.

The good news is that there are people working on to solve this issue. By taking on the financial burden of restructuring the lives of these kids, these social institutions give a glimmer of hope. What they need now is our support.

Don’t get me wrong. I am no saint. I spend most of my alba money on beer, beer and some more bottles of beer (although Samsung subsidies have helped in recent times, cheers boss!). I love to hang around sulchibs and talk nonsense. It’s great.

But to simply put, if I saved a few dime and not spend it on my next beer, and if, miraculously that would help a kid go to school, then why not? The concept is pretty decent but I need numbers behind the amount of beers I am not going to order. (which is kinda difficult for me to do, to be honest)

However, If, for instance 20 people were to not buy the next bottle of beer, but were to go home ten minutes early so that the total saved amount could send a person  to school, wouldn’t that be something worth giving up for? (no? damn man..you have some nerves)

So here’s the plan:
I need 20 people to send in 5000won each they saved from not buying the next round. This will give me the incentive to not drink the next round and put that saved alba money on your behalf (additional 5000 won). The total amount we will be sending is targeted to be 200,000 won which will be more than enough to sponsor a kid for a year (education, lunch, utlilities).

The fact that this has already been done with the help of my good Dutch friends (you know who you are!) should convince you that the money will be channeled properly.

Transfer Details:
Shinhan Bank (신한은행): 110-400-243465
If in doubt, call me, kakao me, fb me. I will have the details presented.
Phone no: 010-2569-9135

For those of you who think giving money is preposterous, keep your opinions to yourself. Frankly speaking, and I mean this with utmost respect, I don’t give a shit. 


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