Madeinepal Turns 2

Well, that's some two year old.
I used to think 2 years was a lot of time. Think about all the hormonal changes you go from being in grade 4 to grade 6 or from grade 8 to grade 10.

This is how people used to respond when I picked up the phone when I was grade 8:
“Nani, phone buwa lai deu ta” (“Hey little girl, can you pass your phone to your daddy”)
to which I had to awkwardly respond that I was not a girl. To which the person on the phone would be insistent that the voice on the other end was that of a tiny girl.

But after two years, when the same people called and I picked up to say “Hello”, they would go:

“Ramesh, important kura bhannu cha! Tyo asti ko..” (“*my dads name*, I have something important to tell you! Last time..”) and I had to cut them off and call off for my dad. 
I would then secretly smile to myself that I had finally inherited my dad’s voice after being called Nani like what? About a million times but you had that feeling that you had grown up in an incredible  sex changing pace. 

However, as you wake up to say hello to your mid-twenties, you realize the fuel has run out. You don’t get any taller, your voice does not get any huskier. Only your belly starts to compete with your nose’s horizontal height. Blame that on the fermented barleys; they are just bastards, aren’t they?

Well, 2 years for madeinepal doesn’t feel that long either. A friend of mine inspired me to go on write whatever there was on my head and that’s was exactly what I did. I sat down on my dorms rugged, most pathetic wooden chair and started typing on this very same laptop. Haven’t looked back since. 

On a personal level though, the blog has done a world of good to me. I ended up impressing a girl that I liked (which was, honestly, the whole point of opening this blog), getting noticed by people who spent too much time on the internet and of course, keeping me and a small group of readers entertained. 

And improved my English and degraded my Korean. 
Anyways, thanks for reading and keeping my fingers busy.Cheers. 


  1. That two year old little guy, he is trying to quit smoking. Just saying. And hey, congratulations!


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