24 things you realize when you are almost 24.

1.       That blackouts exist and they are here to stay
2.       That weed does make you hungry.extremely.
3.       That digital devices only understand binary.
4.       That falling down from a flight of stairs can really hurt.
5.       That looking at someone falling from that same flight of stairs can be really fun.
6.       That your cousins already have children. And those children can be seen both as a means of extreme entertainment or pain in the ass.
7.       That it is not possible to change (my) skin tone.
8.       That you miss your ex(s) but a little less every day.
9.       That beer bellies exist.
10.   That pimples are one adamant sons of bitches.
11.   That distance between you and your phone should be directly proportional to the amount of drinks you had.
12.   That you should be extremely careful to read the sign before you spear into a restroom.
13.    That drinking milk that was in the freezer for a month is a bad idea. Trust me.
14.   That one push up a day is NOT a workout.
15.   That apples a day keeps the doctor away is misleading. Ask my dermatologist.
16.   That guys read clock in a clockwise direction and girls in the anticlockwise direction. (and vice versa) If you get what I mean.
17.   That a game of football is an emotional rollercoaster.
18.   That I can scream 3kilo worth of scream in a normal rollercoaster.
19.   That standing up wearing skis is the most difficult thing after waking up from bed.
20.   That girls wearing high heels on inclined icy surfaces can be a source of extreme entertainment. “One can simply sit down on the bench and eat popcorn and watch”  type entertainment.
21.   That peeing in somebody else’s balcony is not cool. Balcony owners might get angry.
22.   That honesty isn’t really the best policy. It is extremely situational. Ask the person who was honest about no. 21.
23.   That some people really need to shit (literally) when they are looking for something that’s lost.
24.   That bad habits die real hard. (give the final word the echo effect)


  1. #16. I don't get it. Does that make me stupid? Could you please elaborate? :D

  2. Maybe? Hahah..Just that girls have a total different perspective. Totally

  3. #16, maybe it should go on the other way round. You are not a babaji to say that its true :P

  4. haha babaji re.
    fair point. will update it lool


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