My good friends over at the Corner Tap House and Sound Mind are helping me throw out a modest Birthday Party this Sunday, Feb 16. If you guys are done nursing your friday hangovers, this might be the chance to, well, drink some more.

: [all you can eat, all you can drink*]
Corner Tap House (between Seoul National Station and Nakseongde)
Starts 8:30 PM-10:30 PM
Beers on Tap (7Brau):
Bitter Pale Ale
Crystal clear Krystal Weizen
Roasty Stout
Paired up with their very own Cheese, Pepperoni and Olive Pizzas.

For directions:
Pub Co-owner Francis (이경태): 010-2331-1117
DJ Linus (박우현): 010-7441-7139
*until budget lasts, of course.

Sound Mind (Nakseongde)
Starts 10:30 PMish.
I will be jamming up with the pub owners on stage. So if you want to see me screw over the stool, here’s your chance.
They have a good selection of bottled beers (Sculpin, Big Eye, Sam Adams) and OB on tap. [this is from your own pocket, mind you]

Pub Co-owner Jaehun: 010-7123-8193

Fb event page: [HERE


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