Subixx' Leadership Video + Bonus GIF(s)

With love,from Korea.
A few days ago I received this very same clip that's on the top of your screen right now. Now this might not mean to a lot to you, you might not know him at all but let me tell you this, i slept well that night. I am a selfish prick, you see.

The guy who made that possible was in Korea for the month of January and I am certain that he sure as hell enjoyed the trip here. I mean, he basically knew how to have a good time, even at times when there was nothing really to cheer about.

913 seen here in action
I guess it was the fact that he would have scrambled eggs in picnic.

Anyways, I was asked a couple of days ago about a video that a friend of mine edited and uploaded on youtube. I was further asked if that suited for madeinepal. The video's down below:

Leading Nepal: Our Own Story

Given the fact that our beercast video hardly crossed the 0.1k mark in the past 5 months, his video has, for me, been viral. Not "sunday morning" viral type, but "viral" nonetheless. And for a reason.

Subigya's video does give you those goosebumpy, cold-spiny feeling and something to look upon and smile. There are certainly people, like for instance, Dr Ruit, who have been genuinely unselfish and have managed to make a significant impact on our society. They have, for sure, made us all proud.

But what I feel is that we don't have to really look for stories that are worth presenting in videos to propel us forward. For me, all I had to do was to look around and talk to people back home. Each of them had their own problems, their own method in dealing with those shitty problems and most importantly, their own perspective on life. Everyone's a fucking hero, in their own terms, in their own lives. I guess, we just seem to have developed this inferiority complex that we need a healthy shot of morphine inducing video to remind us where we stand in this world.

We don't even have to go so far. Just take a peek below:

This guy studies in MIT, how about that?

I hear this guy juggles work, research and study to the extreme.
AND still manages to have a life.

This guy will graduate to build Hydropower stations soon.
Bye bye load shedding.

Ignore him.

And of course, this guy.
THIS guy just brought you the video. 


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