SMS: Sen Meets Seoul

When Rajashwi Pratap Sen said that he was coming to Seoul, I honestly didn’t buy it. It was as if I was scrolling the news and all of a sudden I see this headline titled “Nepal’s altitude to reach much higher than 8848m, Launching Mars Orbit Satellite Sagarmatha-I tomorrow.”  
Understandably I went nuts … Him? Korea? But why? Korea brews the worst beers! (apart from Nepal that is). Why not Hawaii orr Machupichu instead? In this cold? But why? Didn’t know K-Pop craze was reaching pandemic levels.

WHY…...I finally asked. He replied. I understood. There’re things in this world that need no further explanation. Unfortunately, I have been asked to shut up on this matter, so I will. Like a good friend.

So came January and as I made my way back to Seoul after a horrible ride on China Eastern (Note: If you are planning on buying China Eastern Airways. Just stop. You love your life right? so just change) and I meet this guy who I saw packing his bag, carry it, say his goodbyes, get on that bloody rusty blue jeep and leave a thick cloud of smoke behind at midnight. It had already been 8 years since.

8 years.
Now he was here. Pictures should speak louder.



It's the soju smiling

Lotte World

They decided to bail on me in the last second

Had to brighten this up a bit. Ko kale ko kale ko kale?

Tiring day huh?

Before the ride

Kala: "Aja school ko anda banaune ho"
Kale: "School ko dai haru le jastai garna"

Photo auta?

pheri pheri pheri..

coffee talk

Jiyong's Bundang: The last dinner

 and off he went...


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