Climbing that Great Wall of Hangover

Great wall of Chi...Ahm* Korea
Let’s face it. We have all had our fair share of moments that could be characterized by stupidity. Like the time where we ended performing black metal on a rather innocent looking jingle competition or taking on 5000m+ Thorong la on bare converse (adding the fact that we were without proper clothing), we all have done things that you look back at and shake your heads from right to left for ever eternity.

And of course, you can’t take away the fact that going drinking on a Saturday night is amongst the very worst. Why you ask? Isn’t is it only fair that after a week’s worth of classes and lab work, you deserve to rest, relax a little bit, take it easy as they say. Sure. The only problem is that Sunday you have been waiting for just disappears out of the blue. And just like that, it’s Monday again.

I have been, believe it or not, been incredibly prudent regarding my drinking habits these days. Hangovers are probably the worst things that have been naturally invented by Bramah and trying the dodge it does seem like trying to dodge a crazy dog hot on your ass. Believe me, you better just allow the dog to take a piece of meat off your butt rather than trying to outrun the sucker. It will get there eventually, why delay?

But what if we could cheat our way? What if we could let the son of a bitch take a bite off our ass without actually feeling the pain? Much like how the boys used to hide cricket pads up their ass when they had to make the dreaded visit to Mr. Dewan’s flat back in the days, it is actually possible to beat the hangover system without having to worry about impending headaches,headaches, more headaches and a very unproductive day ahead.

On beating the hangover system:
On this post we will focus on Water.
Now this would be quite the straightforward answer wouldn't it? For every guy knows the fact that rehydration is the key however, the timing of which you take in water actually makes a lot of difference. As we will find out, first getting shit faced and then drinking water won’t help.

Experiments that worked:
1. For every shot of soju, half glass of water was immediately taken. Results, no hangover.
2. This time, made sure to mix as much drinks as possible. Anybody who have had the misfortune of mixing Mehwasu with Soju will tell you that you should probably avoid doing that. We not only mixed Mehwasu and soju but we threw in a couple of drinks we had never heard of along with Makalli and cherry topped it with a hoppy Pale Ale. This time, I took a glass of water after each drinking. Results, no hangover, incredibly. I mean "pinching myself" type incredible. 

Experiments that didn’t work:
1. Every shot of soju was counted and then equivalent amount of 1-1 ratio shot to water was taken later. Results, semi-strength hangover.
2. The same experiment was repeated without taking any water in. threw in a couple of stouts and distilled Makalli taking water after drinking all of this. Results, Horrible hangover.

“What’s the point?” my friend quizzed me after seeing me pull up a glass of water,” you don’t get drunk after doing that!”
Ohhh…you do. You sure as hell do.


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