In regard to S.Korea's recent ferry tragedy

Like everywhere else, spring is the most sort after season here in Korea and is marked by a time when everyone is out and about, enjoying the weather outside. It is a time when most schools and universities prepare for picnics, festivals and all sorts of soju related activities outdoors. Not this time though.

Last week’s tragic ferry accident that claimed lives of nearly 300 on board, most of them being students from Ansan High School, triggered events nationwide-businesses and schools related alike- to be cancelled in order to mourn the deceased. Although search operations are still underway, hopes on finding survivors are dwindling quickly as time refuses to sit still.

Understandably, families of those unfortunate to have traveled in that ill-fated ferry are at dismay. Losing a loved one induces uncontrollable emotions of despair, anguish, anger and pain knowing the fact that people who you are used to sharing your life with are no longer around to talk to you. You feel helpless, dejected and lost but that’s how reality works. It takes a bite off you when you least expect it.

In situations like these, acceptance is a word of luxury and even more so when you go think about the “what if’s.” Eyewitness reports claim that if it wasn’t for the captain's negligence, many more innocent lives could have been saved. If reports are to be believed, the captain asked his passengers to stay put instead of leading charge for evacuation. It was only after a full 30 min did the captain give the green signal but by then, it was far too late. The same reports also claim that it was, in fact, a student passenger who alerted the rescue workers and not the responsible authorities. Although there’s no doubt that rescuers genuinely did the best they could, it does make a difference when correct individuals send in the SOS sign.

And in all the mess of digital media, correct information too is a luxury of some sort. The anger of families concerned were only exacerbated when initial reports and texts which claimed that passengers were safe, turned out to be complete hoaxes. It is truly sad to see that at a time when people should put a Gordian knot on sensibility, some insensible hands choose to put a lose end to it instead. Exactly how such misinformation was carried out in the first place is baffling indeed.

What's even more baffling is quite how most of the on board crew had the balls to leave their passengers stranded behind and save their lives. People talk ethics but when push comes to shove, values as such are only figment of their imagination. The truth might take some digging from the depths of the sea, but they should be rightfully detained, questioned and if guilty, punished.  

Madeinepal extends its deepest condolences to all that have been affected.


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