Sometimes..I miss home

gotta miss school too

Sometimes, late in the lab when I am sitting down quietly giving company to myself, I miss home. I really do. In all honesty, it sucks that we can’t trust our own education system and that we have venture far and wide from our native land to learn and adhere to societies that are foreign to us. All our lives, we have been trained in a specific way of life, trained to eat in a specific way of eating and trained to speak in a specific way of speaking. And off we ship ourselves to country unknown to try build a smaller Nepal for ourselves; even if it only means it’s a poster bedroom with small triangular flag hanging at the furthest right corner.

It’s a tradeoff I have to say, and after having lived here for almost four years, it isn’t all that bad. I won’t be bullshitting if I said that I like what I am doing right now and the people that I have been dealing with so far.

But then again, you think of that Mitho sunny winter sun, that subtle wind slightly rolling on your sweaty forehead, the steamy, gorgeous smell off a freshly cooked momo:, the bustling noise and barks of the neighborhood, the sudden business cries of “Ayo Bhanta Gobi”, the deafening, darkening silence past 9, that spectacular view of galaxy and stars up above…all that.

And of course, I miss opening that gate, hearing Poli bark at the top of her lungs, Musu peering out on the window expecting it to be Di, Paju working on that field of his, Nu making sure she calls out every single name in the household before she calls mine (Ahh..Anura..ahh Ramu..ah..Sarinn..ah Abhu!), Di peering out from that Chhat of hers with her two trusted canines, Ma asking me if I want puri tarkari again for dinner, Buwa going absolutely nuts on random motorcycle drivers (Lahh! *pause* hera chala ko taal) and sadly, Thulo ma’s vacant house staring back.

But for now though, i will be content with my tiny, poster bedroom, Nepal. 


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