7 Habits That Die Real Hard

Brewing ripe into my teenage years, I was given a book called the “7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens.” I must have read that book about a hundred times over. I adored the book so much that after a friend of mine decided that losing my torn-down book was the best thing to do, I made sure that the sucker paid me back a brand new one.

What an ass.

As expected from any self-help book, 7 Habits did not particularly help me to become the better version of myself that I have now become (although some people might choose to disagree on this one). In all fairness, when a piece of paper tells you to put first things first and not to procrastinate and to be in all smiles all the time..well, it's just not practical, is it? Don’t procrastinate? Pff if that’s possible.

What the book has given me though is the idea of writing down some very notorious habits that have the habit of dying real hard for me. Here’s the countdown:

#7 The Fridge Opening Habit:
Ever since I was young, I had this awful habit of opening and closing anything that had close to a hinge to it and the fridge’s door was the cream-cake of hinges. Although the frequency lessened in subsequent years, I still have this odd way of opening the fridge every now and then and looking inside to see as if a piece of pizza had magically appeared.  

#6 The Long #2:
Going for the #2 in the morning was a habit I made copying my dad but what surprised me was my ability to be patient while was 100% done. I still average out a whopping half an hour on every outing. Unfortunately, this includes days where I am late for classes.

#5 The Spacing Out:
Spacing out is somewhat useful, like when you are out on a date with a girl with absolutely no sense of humor but most of the time, it just takes a bite off your ass. One might argue that spacing out is pretty mundane, but I do have the habit of doing so when I need my brain to be in the room instead of somewhere in hawaii drinking White Russian. 

#4 The Weirdest Habit Ever:
I guess I might have the weirdest habit yet. So this is what happens; whenever I lose something, for instance a key and I am doing this all-out search for it, I tend to have this urgency to visit the restroom throughout the process. I just can't see the relation between the lost stuff and my kidneys.

#3 The Alarm Ignore Habit:
One of the hardest thing to do besides trying to stand up from a ski fall is to wake up from the bed. Since I had to at least try and wake up for my class at 8 this semester, I had installed a grand total of 9 alarm sequences that guaranteed my ass reached class. If only I knew how wrong I was. Most of the time i don't even hear the alarm until my super annoyed neighbor knocks the door. 

#2 The Eat Like You Have Never Eaten Before (TELYHNEB) Habit:
Although I have slow mowed the way I eat these days, I still show some serious skills in eating the food at blitzkrieg pace. I guess I am not alone on this one. 

#1 The Infinite Leg Movement:
Until last year I had someone remind me of my impatient leg syndrome. Now, it’s back with a bang. Mildly amusing that your leg can actually think for itself.

It's still moving as I write this down. 


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