Korea, four years on

The school:

What can I say? As a friend of mine described:

 “This relationship of ours, Abhas,” she pauses for effect, “is a love hate one.” 

I honestly can’t find a better way to explain how I feel about Seoul National University than that. Absolutely love it but at the same time absolutely hate it. If you have been reading the blog, which will probably not be the case but anyways..you will know. 

The language:

I admit. I suck at Korean. And I am not ashamed to say that because I never made an effort to learn it. My heart was never in it and people are right to criticize and taunt me for not learning it. But some tend to cross that fine line every time. Tell me, please, something I DON’T already know.

Let me tell you this, it feels horrible to the only person in the room to not to be laughing but there you go. it feels horrible when desperately trying to say big mac in Korean and this annoying prick comes in and says the same thing I just said and the guy over the counter gets it. Same shit. But let me also tell you this, the only way I can learn the language is going to a language school and you know how much a level costs?

1.5 million. One level. Ridiculous.

And people who make sure I know I suck had a full fucking year to study, paid full tuition for language and still barely manage to pass TOPIK 3.

Now try taking full credits, get raped in class and learn the language. You can see why motivation is an issue.

The people:

Alright, I have come to the conclusion that no matter where you go, where you come from or what you do, you always tend to meet some great people. What I do like to mention about Koreans though, besides the obvious fact that they are the best drinking buddies ever and that they carry you back home every time, is that they really do have a good sense of humor. More of that British humor of self-deprecatory but with Kimchi written all over it. If you just let your ego down and let the jokes flow, I guarantee a good time. And it only gets better when the drinks start pouring. The only problem there though, I realized, is that the more soju I pour into myself, the more of “you know where the rhino shits guys?” happens instead of actually trying to become funny.

The food:

Still surprises me, I have to admit. I was at the school cafeteria just a while ago and I must have had a funk mixture jawlo, tuna and I don’t remember what. First and last time I tell you. Why did you choose to eat that you ask? Well left my wallet at home. So it basically boils down to “you eat what you get served mister”

As I have written before on the blog, my first meal in Korea wasn’t exactly what I thought it to be but I guess have come to terms with the Korean palate. The meats are plentiful, the bimbimpabs great, the spinaches taste shit and yeah, that’s about it. Honestly I would have written the names but then, you know, if I wasn’t too busy taking pictures instead and doing the old school “ohh what’s this?” 

The music:

K-pop is utterly shit but you have to give that psy guy for pulling off so much from a song that people actually tried to find meaning to it. Regarding the people who sing it though, it is a totally different thing

This being said, busker busker still makes it to one my favorites with reggae band windy city right around the corner.

You are actually right...that’s the only two I have seriously listened to.


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