The Kim-Yuna Dream

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Kim Yuna is synonymous to the figure-skating sport as I am to my chicken curry community. She is a source of pride in Korea and you can see why. Her dazzling moves, fantastic aerial spins and swirls has that swagger feel that’s hard for anyone to ignore. And as a person who can hardly standup on the ice rink, her technique has that automatic “push that jaw-open button for me please” effect.

But change that image of Yuna and replace it with your Prof and the landscape changes entirely..for the worse. He was half-naked, with tight-tighty pants doing those not-so-elegant-now aerial spins that made me want to take a machine gun, put it on auto and blow the shit out of my brain. If it wasn’t for my nine reliable alarm clock system in the morning (yeah, I have a class at 8), I would have probably choked myself on my own sleep-puke. I would have actually preferred South Korean President Park Geun Hye chase me instead.

I have had worse nightmares but never one so traumatizing.


  1. haha wth is this abhas? whos prof picture did u see that traumatized u so much? nevertheless it wasnt that funny but fun to read. first and only comment btw. be grateful lol

    1. agreed, i guess you can categorize as post traumatic stress disorder writing.
      Prof's a secret :P


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