8 Reasons why I am glad this World Cup is over

1. Germany won the world cup. What better way to placate your post-World Cup sudden existential crisis than to keep reminding yourself that the team you vouched for..won! And that the same people who called Germans chokers choked.

2. No more of Korean commentary. You can argue that my Korean skills wouldn’t have allowed me to understand shit but you don’t need to pass level 6 of Korean to understand things like “ Goaaaaaaaalllll입니다”, which is quite appalling to listen to.

3. And regret later on when the pub owner puts K-pop in the background instead. Conversational watchers would then have to figure out how on earth the score had suddenly become 4-2.

4. No more of having to watch Neymar hug every soul that was in front of the camera.

5. No more of having to wait for the game, drink pints after pints and then characteristically pass out just when the game’s about to begin.

6. Then decide to go all early bird on the bed only to wake up after the game was over. 5am kick offs were so not worth it.

7. No more of running for your life from angry, bottle clutching Dutch. Not supporting Costa Rica again.ever.

8. No more of laughing at Brazilians who came over for summer. I felt genuinely bad for them to be honest. When the world’s vector was all but turned to the samba nation, they decided it was the right time to go all Kimchi.


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