Graduate Day Blues

The race has only just begun.
Linus and Heechan, congrats boys!

You have been told, time and again, that the day before your graduation will something that I will reminisce for the rest of your life. A day when all come on to congratulate you on your glorious feat over your C- Professors, thick fat engineering books (of which, of course, you can’t even remember what the first chapters were)and most importantly, that stupid, lousy cat(s) that kept crawling over at senior year classes (and kept crossing your way).

Although I will not be wearing that ridiculous over sized dress and pose again and again for that perfect “throw that damn hat in the air as far as you possibly can” picture, I will be receiving my certificate of graduation certificate, which, in simple terms, tags me as “graduated.” I am not sure how I feel to be honest, I don’t feel the sense of happiness which you are supposed to be surrounded by, nor the sadness (because I not leaving just yet) that proceeds post-ceremony in having to leave the place that screwed over your brain cells and made you lose chunk of your eyesight. Unsurprisingly, the feeling of “meh” is largely what I am actually feel right now.

But what I feel what I should be doing instead is showing my gratitude the people who I have come across, shared some thoughts, shared pizzas, threw pizzas on their face and so on. 2010-2014 has been a mix bag of all sorts of emotions, me finding and learning and I guess it’s finally time to officially thank (writing makes it official, not pasting on fb wall) the people who made a difference to me on those days.

First stop, ma buwa. Dhanyabad for all the financial, moral, psychological support you have been giving me and I am sure I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this without you both. I am on my very own now, but there’s still much work to do.

That also includes the rest of my family, Dhanyabad, dhanyabad, dhanyabad. [kale da lai especially :p]
Now turning on to the rest…Let’s see where should I begin:

Binayak dai, Pratibha di: I wouldn’t have been here was it not for you. Thanks dai,didi for all the support.

Manandhar Sir: for my first curry in Korea.

Prof Yoo, Prof Ahn, Prof Jung: I will still be around.

Danny: I still feel bad I finished up your carefully saved whisky but I am sure we are now in a position to enjoy much more. You are welcome.

Jiyong and his family: My Korean brother from across the land, I will meet you next week.

The Quill: You guys were like a family to me and although I got a lot of spanking for my writing, I eventually improved. You guys prompted me meet tons of people, get tons of hangovers of varying degrees and go big on my writing.

SISF: My first summer here would have been much boring if I weren’t for you guys

Team Vietnam: Absolutely amazing, down to earth, fun loving guys you were.

SISA: my stint was constricted to semester but boy did I have fun. I still remember the shit I did in the MT (garbage) which still makes me chuckle randomly.

Run to You: The only time I truly contributed was when I screwed out some screws from that old, ridden jeep but my best memories will be of our time in everland.

FanatiKorea: got to meet a whole new breed of people.

Team SNUSAT CanSat: Last month was tough, but we ploughed it through

Labmates: can’t believe it’s been 6 months of interning already lol.

My congo guys: learning language was never the same without you people

Lekha di, Sanjaya dai, Rijana di: Gaf guff ani sanjay dai ko kuhiya jokes. ani momos!

Sungin and His family: Chuseok was great!

Halal, Sam, Hamza: you guys know why

Dessi, Nari, Nj, Jose, X1, X2: closest thing I have, had.

Bengali boys: Currys, very salty bbqs and late night talks

Prabhat: for being the other nepali

Gole, brihat, silwal: snapchat, gtalk and skype

Dalli: for listening to my drunk tirades

Sanila: for the late night talks

Linus, Heechan: you guys know why too

John: Coolest prof ever.

Vodka: great Busan trip

I know i am missing out on tons of names here, but I have come across you and talked to you then you demand a thank you from me too. To which I shall gladly oblige.

And to you too, for reading my nonsense.


  1. Abhas dai khoi ta mero naam, and you know eho I am ! :-P

  2. Brother. Congratulation anyway.
    Sorry i couldt take a picture of you casting funny hat to the sky.
    Reminiscing the day i did some translation of your math book and doing physics homework on behalf of you, I am so proud that you finally pull it through.
    Good luck for your New start.
    Ji Yong

    1. i guess you forgot to mention you did ALL of my assignements in freshmen year lol


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