Photo Blog: Budhanikantha School Vintage'79 Stills

*Sigh* Then Crown Prince Dipendra on his first day at school
Makalu House, 1979
(832 A, if I am not wrong)
Mr. Mike Scholey has been posting some fascinating stills of Budhanilkantha School from the late 1970's to the early 80's time at the BNKS closed group on fb and I thought I might just share what he had to show. It's not fair that we are the only once getting to see these brilliant images. 

His Majesty Late King Birendra and Late Queen Aishwariya at Makalu House.
Royal visit to the school, 1979.

His Majesty Late King Birendra at HOH office, 1979.
He looks absolutely gorgeous.

King's arrival, 1979

King's reception in front of Kanchenjunga House, 1979.

The Late King Arrives, 1979

Young leader: Late Crown Prince 832 Dipendra leads Makalu House.
The flag carrier was the designated House Captain.
March Past, Sports Day, early 1980's

What it was like back in those days

Budhanilkantha School, 1979

Teachers; notice those classic baggy pants, 1979

Assembly Hall

The Foyer

Annapurna (left), Kanchenjunga and Nilgiri House.
Taken from the same spot where the Multimedia Center now stands tall

Way upto Nilgiri and Pumori, nothing's changed.
Fell down from these stairs a couple of times, not pretty at all.

Dhaulagiri House

Staff Quarters, view from Garden Pitch

Top, Middle and Bottom Pitch all in one view.
Just think about that for a moment.

Basketball court, someone on fb commented that it was perhaps the first of its kind.
He might have made a very good assumption indeed.

Middle pitch basketball court. I do have some bad memories here.
We did play cricket as well with the basketball stands as stumps.

Football at Middle Pitch. Its a lot greener now

Track and Field: Javelin in motion
(tight shorts, baggy pants again)

Sports day delegates

Sports Day event, 200m(?). Remember coming last on one of these.

Waiting for lunch I guess. 1979

The same place but reversed view.

Study time, everyone must have been huddled up inside the dayroom.

Boys going back to their rooms after class

The famous pillar for all purposes: reading, sunbathing, nailcutting 
and oh yeah, Chungi playing

Tiffin time. Tea was one of our favorites past time too

Chicken Day Craze.
The whole point was to get the biggest, fattest piece.
And steal some chips from the other table

The infamous 10 past 6 punishment which we never had to endure

More of the punishment

Double tiffin LOL

Uniform change, by the time we showed up the blue pants had turned grey.

All credits to Mr. Scholey and his camera.
Keep those pictures coming.


  1. So nostalgic. Thanks for the blog.

  2. An absolute treat! Thanks for letting me re-travel through my memory lanes of of my early days of my life! BTW,I would like to reconfirm that the then HRH the Crown Prince Dipendra was 832A.

  3. Hats off to the visionery King who had such a great vision. Most of the development of such a grand scale have occurred during those eras. No offence but truth.

  4. Time has passed and the feeling are same daju💙💙


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