workstation upgrade. needs a better laptop now
A friend of my commented that my blog is turning into a nerdy, tech only blog to which I pose to disagree.

1. I am not a nerd. So a non-nerd can't basically write something nerdy.
2. The last thing I want this blog to become is a tech-blog

The whole point of the blog so far has been to document my stay here in Korea and to satisfy, to certain extent, my need to express myself through writing. People have different ways of expressing themselves, and mine being through words and images. I do speak a lot but I guess I can best organize my thoughts when I am left alone with my computer and my now space-bar-squeeky keyboard, mouse-wheel rusty mouse. Imation, i am never buying stuff from you again.

So moving on,
It has been decided that the STM32F407 will be used as the camera MCU. For a newbie programmer, getting it working might be the steepest task yet but i am counting on some of my not so dead brain cells to get the job done. I tell you what, I do have trust issue with my brain, and I assure you I am trying to work out a deal to avoid blacking out when i need it the most. Last time it blacked out, i lost my date.

The reason for choosing the processor is simple:
1. The processor has a DCMI port.
2. The processor is a high performance MCU meaning that the clockspeed is pretty impressive for camera-use standards. It also means that the power consumption is much higher. However, I have come across several threads stating that the clock speed can be lowered to meet power requirement standards.
3. STM's STM32F4 Discovery board seems to have a lot of users and a lot of people working on the camera. And it's cheap. For $20, this is as good as you can possibly get.
4. ..i forgot

Besides that, I am very disappointed with my days work. got very little done.


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