SNUSAT Mission and System for CanSat Competition Korea 2014

[Pending Conference Paper. Submitted on 19th September 2014. Not sure if I am actually allowed to do put this here but anyways]


Seoul National University’s small satellite group, the SNUSAT, participated in SaTRec’s annual CanSat Competition Korea 2014. In an attempt to differentiate from previous missions in the past and to incorporate more complexity in the design and development process, SNUSAT group for this year decided to take panoramic 360° images for search and rescue operations. This paper discusses the mission and system development while remarking on the hurdles and challenges the group had to face on the road to the final competition.

Key Words: CanSats, SaTRec, Nano Satellite, System Design, Imagery, GoPro, Image Stitching
Full Text [HERE]



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