Me, myself and I: Part I

Catski Romanov
I have been wanting to write something on the given topic for quite some time now but every time I glue myself to the seat and then onto the screen, I just get all hopeless and stare at the blank digital paper. I did so too today, for a good half an hour that is, but recovered after bug decided the best place to take a nap was right on my nostrils. Of all the places he had the freedom to roam around, he bloody had to come sit on one of my natural wind tunnels. Perhaps he was trying to check how aerodynamic his exterior was, however, given the fact that it nearly put him (and me, I kinda ended up sucking that bug in) to death says a lot about how his brilliant plan, doesn’t it?

Stupid bug.

Anyways, *breaths in with much ease*, as I was saying, I was finding it rather difficult to write about someone I have been with all my life, someone who I shall always be with (till death put us apart-kinda thing), someone who never ceases to surprise me. Well, that little someone is, of course, me. You will have now noticed why it’s so darn difficult.

At this point in time, there are certain things about this blogger here that I have noticed so far. I will try to jot them down and make sense of even the most abstract, but do try to keep those laughs to yourself. If you can that is.


So here it goes:

I can be very visual, especially pertaining to accidents:

For instance, if I am about to Ski down hill, I can’t help but imagine myself going down on the track, then lose control, somersault a couple of times, miss the safety net and fall off the cliff. Just like that. Crazy, exaggerated visuals, I know but it just flows. Like a movie you didn’t want to watch but somehow jigsaw made you to do so because if I didn’t, he would cut my legs or something.  

Or for instance, when I am riding a rollercoaster, I can see a future myself choke on my own spit, fall off from the seat then bounce around the tracks and fall back in just in time to that snapshot. At least this time there’s no “final destination” endings. *Phew*

BUT then there are those times when you want your brain to be visual and poofffff, blank vacuum darkness. So annoying.

I can be very careful but absent minded at the same time:

In some situations, I can take a very rigid, prudent stance at life as, mentioned before, these unnecessary images that appear out of nowhere. Mostly, they do more good than harm but if you think about it, I will never be able to enjoy any sort of extreme sports. It’s not for me. Now don’t you dare call me a coward.

How dare you!

And while you might argue that prudent people can’t possibly be absent minded….well, lets just say my brain likes to go on vacations when it should really be focusing on being here and now. Its fascinating to be honest, I miss out chunk of the present time only to be transported in the near future with people poking me to basically get my shit together. This habit runs in my family, so blame the genes.

Not me.

I suck at every competitive sport on earth besides swimming:

If, in some distant parallel universe that Prof Michio Kaku so aptly describes had a planet just like ours, and by some chance, due to the sheer nature of total randomness, had a trophy to give out to “the best bench warmer ever,” my version of planetary Weirdo-024 would have a trophy chamber full of it. Yes, it was and is really that bad. I later demoted myself to playing chess with my younger brother which didn’t help me either as he later found out that the rules that I had been teaching him over the years almost always contradicted with what he learnt at his school’s chess club. [He later ended up winning a gold]

You see, I was just improvising.

More on Part II


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