Ebook: Tell Me Your Story

Its that time of the year where do a total wardrobe change, clean out those spider webs on that old suitcase of yours, take out all those warm, cuddly clothes, clean them, stack them up neatly back into that now empty wardrobe and just stand there for a while in quite admiration of the aesthetics of what's in front of you. Because, at the end of the day, you know its not going to last too long.

But that's what I want to talk to you about right now. It's actually about a small side project I have been wanting to sink my fully formed, not so deformed, teeth into. Let's face it, I am a people person. I want to be in a state where I am surrounded by fun loving, easy going people. But as much as I love to force a fair share of my side of the story on someone else, I also love to hear what people have to say too. Its unique, its refreshing and its totally not me.

As part of madeinepal's third year anniversary next year on february, I am planning on publishing an e-book titled "Tell Me Your Story" on both the epub and the mobi format. That's all cool and great, but what I need is something that's different, that's unique; something that's a page turner. That's where you come in. 

I want YOUR story.

For that to happen though, you need to qualify certain set of skills which I have outlined below:

1. Can type on a computer on a word processing software.
2. Has a story to tell.
3. Does not know how to be funny.

If it ticks all the boxes above, just send in your writing at this address by 2014:


And I will get back at you.


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