Run Sudeep Daju Run!

Sudeep bro on the left
[Source: FB]
I don't remember when, but this one time I found myself playing football against a team full of half-naked, half-baked, not-so-slim, all-so-sweaty 40-50 year olds. Having just received the ball, I was looking for space down on the left flank when I noticed a 45 something Ajashi (Uncle) rushing at me at full speed. Now, being a 20 something year old, you would naturally presume that I would deftly out maneuver someone who was already 25 when I was just saying hello to the world but if there's something I am certain about older Koreans, it's that they are as fit as you can possibly imagine them to be. I am not kidding but today, in the morning, while I was making my way for my term project presentation, I saw this Ajumma (Lady), presumably 69.67 years old, who was in full mountain gear ready to take on Gwanak Mountain in this cold, bitter winter. What was amazing to see was that she could hardly get off her bus seat in the first place.


Now, I am not trying defend my one-push-up-a-day-and-i-cant-do-any-more fitness regime here but we, lazy 20 something Nepali youths, have someone to thank for reminding us that we aren't so bad ourselves. For the last 20 days, Sudeep bro has managed to run a whopping 1027 km-east to west of Nepal-as part of his "Road to Education" initiative. The official website states that the run "is supporting 'Sano Prayas', which helps in educating orphans from poor economic and social background"

Absolutely fantastic. what more can I add to that? 1027km for fund raising. whooot!

To put this number into perspective, i will have to localize it bit and see how far Sudeep bro would have gone if he had somehow decided that South Korea would be his starting point. 

Lets just suppose, he starts out from the port city of Busan. lets just see hmmm...

Our not-so-friendly neighbors would be very unhappy indeed
Yep, he would end up pretty much at the very end of the map indeed. Looking at some the places he will have to go through, it is blindingly obvious to everyone that it would have been a very BAD idea if he had chosen the peninsula for his  project. Bullet dodging, possible kidnapping, torture would have been the last things on his agenda. 

Anyways, I haven't paid my rent for this month, so until I take care of that, the fund raising will have to wait a bit for my participation. But if you have some spare change, unbroken piggy bag that needs to be cut open or managed to pay your monthly bills, HERE's the website. If not, i am sure the blog will give you company for a while.

Badhai cha daju! All very proud!


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