Things five year old Koreans are better at than me

Skating Pros
You know when you sometimes become too careful about something and you put it somewhere so safe that’s practically impossible to find it? Yeah, well, I am going through that phase right now. I have absolutely no clue where the hell I put that PCB and its putting a nasty break on my current project.

Oh well…

Last weekend saw two New Yorkers stay at my place and I have to say, it was a welcome change to my daily lab to home and back to lab again routine. Not to mention they brought with themselves a bottle of scotch and forced me to figure skate later even though I had never ice skated before.

And that’s when I realized these little tiny, cutie pie Koreans were far better off than me. They roll over, fall down but then would pick themselves up and skate the shite out of the ice. Besides the occasional bump into another adorable little Korean monster with a tiny helmet on top, they were flawlessly skating around.

On the other hand, I was watching them with envious gaze. Having finally mustered up some courage to stand and pretend to walk on ice on a crazy shoe, I tried to follow their footsteps but soon realized that in doing so would let my ass kiss the ice a thousand times, so I had to take it easy. Add to the fact that the Yankees had found a way to make me fall on my arse every time they called my name and you can imagine how horribly sore my butt was that day.

Anyways, this all got me thinking. Thinking about all the myriad things a five year old Korean is better at than me. The fact that I was able to come up with a long list pays tribute to how incredibly talented these people from isolated island like peninsula are.

So without much delay, here’s the list:

1.   Mathematics. I mean, come one, I am sure they know how to multiply and divide and factorize when they just come out from their mother’s womb.
2.     Korean. Reading kindergarten Korean stories is still a pain
3.     Ice Skating. They can skate the shite out of that ice.
4.     Skiing. Blame Nepal for not teaching us this even though we seem to have aplenty of places where we could do just that.
5.    Being a cutie pie. Honestly, I am too old to pretend all cuddly. Maybe if I drink more that delicious sculpin…
6.     Eating Kimchi. Morning shows the day, they say.
7.     Go Karting. I swear to god I never imagined a five year old overtaking me on wheels.
8.     Drawing. I still stick draw humans
9.     League of Legends/Starcraft. I retired playing computer games after coming to Korea.
10.   Bollywood dancing. I hear they are pretty good at it.


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