Aanda Chuira Raksi ani Bipul Chettri

The child prodigy. Pic taken from [HERE] without any permission*.
*too broke to pay damages, could do some bbq though
In early 2001, Dilli Chapagain, our music teacher, steadies his harmonium as he gently air plays his fingers on top his keys as he mentally prepares himself to play along the vocals of a student that he just asked to stand up. The other 32 students or so, feel pretty relieved that it wasn't their turn to sing "Ayo Chyante Ghoda, Chaina Yesko Joda." The unfortunate student however, gulps, loosens up his morning assembly tie and makes one desperate effort not to blush.

"Suru garne aba?" (shall we start?)
The student can only node. 

Pappara-pappara-ppara-para-papa-para-papa goes the harmonium as the student opens his mouth to sing. Half way through the very first line, Mr. Chapagain stops his harmonium and looks at the now even embarrassed kid.

"bhayena babu..bihana breakfast khayena kya ho?" (Whats wrong, you didn't have breakfast?)

apparently breakfasts are supposed to give you better voice. Very common expression at that time when a student cannot perform as expected. 

"Khayina....sir," (I didn't) he meekly squeaks as he, in fact, had skipped breakfast. 

School was supposed to serve omelettes but somehow those eggs never ended up on a frying pan. Instead a dull looking boiled egg was served.

A few random giggles can be heard.  

Mr. Chapagain, now busy steadying his then mustache, didn't particularly have a good sense of humor. He looks at the student with the same look a filthy rich bastard would look at a homeless, orphaned kid asking for his help.

He shows no mercy. He looks around and asks his cult favorite student to sing the song instead. The student in question begins after the usually irritating parapapa sound and nails it, plasters it and whatever it there might be to further demonstrate that he nailed it.

Or so the music teacher thinks. 

The now almost peeing-in-the-pants student can only look in dismay as 1. he absolutely shite hates the gut of the other singer, i mean how dare he even sing that well 2. he doesn't like the song at all. 

In fact, after nearly 14 years later, he still thinks the song was total slam dunk on the dustbin material. However, Mr. Chapagain did get something right. That cult student I was talking about? that "how dare he sing so well guy?" yep.. ended up being the Bipul Chettri he is today. 

Which is a very big lie. 
That drum brush part on snares and almost Gordian Knot like bass [1:03-1:12] in the beginning of Asaar though. *joins fingers* Beauty. 


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