Sunday mornings be like..

I am not sure if this happens to you but I particularly struggle to wake up in the morning during weekdays. For a country that has an almost military-like punctuality regime in place, this can often be grave news. So every now and then, I hustle and puffle and struggle to raise my head at 8 am and then put in some extra to raise my heads and feet out from my cozy bed only to find myself dozing again on the sofa a moment later. It's painfully hard to not to fall asleep again in the morning. 

But then you have the weekend. Finally. the day you can just lay down and bask in all the nothingness and the sleepiness you are looking forward to the entire week and all you do is find yourself wide awake and unable to head back to sleep at 8 am. I mean come on, why 8 am? why cant it be 1 pm? 

why can't I have a completely normal sheepishly sleepy sunday?


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