Annoying Little Things

Tyson knows it
Having just had possibly the best four day vacation ever (because it was the only four day vacation i ever got), I was all geared up for the final treat; the opening season opening game between Arsenal and West Ham. Having won all the pre-season games while conceding only a goal, with the defense and midfield looking as tight and confident and settled as ever, things were looking really really good after a very very long time. 

I mean what could possibly go wrong right? If everyone on the field still couldn't get hold of the ball, we still had Cech. THE Cech of all the goalkeepers. He couldn't possibly concede right after being boasted the best golie that ever lived could he?

In typical arsenal fashion, he did. No, not just one though, but two. That too, two very savable goals. The defense was worse than the silvestre era and now all that "morning shows the day" talk went down the toilet, into the drain hole while being stamped and run over my filthy looking ninja-turtle rats. 

That annoying mental drama that can't stop playing on your ears, heads, brains, whatever for the whole week. The next morning is especially annoying. You wake up with complete focus on positivity and productivity and then it slaps you on your face harder than those slaps you ever received from your ex-es; Arsenal lost. 

You slump and go back to feeling sorry for yourself. and then sleep a little more and dream of more defeat. 

Phone calls.
The phone rings and you hear the dreaded "hello" in Korean. Here we go again. The person on the phone explains something ET sounding while I just nod and go "Yes" "Yes" "Yes" until I realize the person was in fact asking a question. "Yes" was the last thing that was expected.

It's already low on fuel. You head down to Nakseongde, ask the Ajashi to help putting the gasoline in and then thank him and leave. Later realize that he had instead put the diesel and not petrol. Realize that after the scooter stops midway on a crowded road. Take the scooter to the repair shop and find the same Ajashi  repairing scooters. Sneaky bastard. 

Find the menu to be "Taco", get excited only to find no taco. Apparently its only taco meat that's served with healthy serving of rice. Decides just to munch down on the food. 

Get the gear moving for research. Make a mental picture of how the electronics is supposed to respond but find it to be responding in a totally opposite way. Try something different and find it to be working but can't seem to find what made it work?  Awesome. 

More Phone Calls.
Apparently the PCB that I had ordered couldn't be possibly made. Remind them that the same designe was manufactured by them before. They sound skeptical and ask to pay more money. I simply say "Yes" without ever understanding it. Later receive bill twice that expected amount. Yeah!

Places the door password but can't seem to open. Tries a couple of times only to later realize that I was opening the door one story above. Curse the elevator and move stealthily out of view. 

Phone call.
Call your gf only to find that she is pissed about something. Try to talk it out but just too darn difficult. Put on the music "let it be" and get a cold shower and get some sleep. The defeat pops up again. 

Stupid Arsenal. 


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