Bukhansan National Park

Margot doing her thing

I had promised myself that if I ever get a day off from the lab, I would go as far from it as I possibly can. Although ideally that would have been drinking hot coca in the foothills of Alps while being oil massaged by some tender hands, I decided that Bukhansan National Park at the periphery of Seoul was still a valid getaway place. Margot wanted to join as well while Virgile was rotting back at his seat, and off we went on journey's unknown. 

Information Center @ the doors of the National Park

First water bathe

Margot's really going for it

was heading to Bogukmun where we planned on eating our packaged lunch

History speaks for itself

The view was less flattering but we had to take what was on the plate

Reads BoGukMoon. Moon meaning door

The pro

Reached another gate after lunch


View was better this time
Lah lah lah lah
way down


Back to civilization


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