5 Conclusions: Arsenal 1-0 Chelsea

The importance of Community Shield has time and again been debated, many stressing the fact that it's only a pre-season friendly. Yet when the two teams lined up, it was anything but. 

Jose Morinho and his band of total gay necrophiliac outcasts were up against Arsene's very own nobody-wants-to-leave-arsenal-now team that largely consisted of players who played for Arsenal last season. The north Londoners did however, have an obvious change at the back line with Petr Cech, a Chelsea legend no doubt, between the sticks. The newest signing was all but ready to take on a club that he previously called home for more than just over a decade. 

It's still hard to believe that he plays for us now. I mean seriously. Who could have thought he would be wearing that ridiculous gay headband on an Arsenal jersey?

Thanks largely to shitty internet and fittingly poop infested ronaldo7.net game links, we missed out on the first 15-20 minutes but just when the link decided to go all suicidal the Ox had already slammed home the eventual winner. Suddenly, finding the links was a secondary task. Arsenal had scored and Jose Morinho and John Terry were very, very sad. 

There were glimpses of the blue's comeback but thankfully, it just remained at that. Arsenal lifted the trophy with Jose getting all wrapped up in the idea that he should wait and shake hands with every arsenal player. The manager, however, just ninja-ed his way past an appallingly dejected Portuguese.

So here are the conclusions:

1. Arsenal's Lineup: Giroud second choice?

Without the effervescence of Sanchez, Arsenal opted with the pace and tenacity of Walcott on top with the midfield and defensive structure almost identical to the one played in the FA Cup final. If you do remember, Giroud was using his buttocks to warm up the bench at Wembly then, and he was doing so now. Has the hierarchy really changed?

Giroud's ability to hold the ball and let others into play is pretty fantastic with the likes of ozil, carzola, ramsey all playing the ball off of him to find space deep into opposition half. Unfortunately, when it comes to doing a strikers job of placing the ball neatly on the net, he succumbs to supernatural forces that places the ball somewhere in the stands instead. Even perfect, the-balls-on-your-right-foot passes, he just lets it propel to outer periphery of deep space. 

The manager's choice to let walcott start ahead of Giroud says a lot about how this season is going to pan out for the two, with the former to surely start more games and the latter adding an oomph at later stages of the game. 

2. The Petr Cech Effect

Petr Cech almost always brings old, archived memories of the crazy german golie. There's this calm soothing presence when he's around. It almost feels that even if does screw up, he will make it up by punching John Terry in the face and getting the ball anyhow. 

And that my friend has had a massive effect on our first choice back four of Hector, Mertz, Boss and the other spaniard. It was telling the Mertesaker kept mentioning the experience of Cech and the post-game pundits pointing out that Cech has his own drills for the defenders and that he expects to keep a clean sheet 100% of the time, every time. 

And so he did. 

3. The Ox is evolving

Besides having a wit that most players seem to have conspicuously absent these days, the Ox is evolving to become a real threat from midfield. He somehow reminds you of Sanchez, which does say a lot about how he has improved his dribbling and his eye for goal. 

Arsene had stressed pre-season that strikers and midfielders need to blur the lines a bit, each sharing responsibilities of one another. Ox has, somehow, managed to do so all pre-season long.

Regarding the goal itself, well there was absolutely no chance for the chelsea goalie who, if you do remember, displaced Cech, to take the realm of first choice goalkeeper. If he didn't have chance, no body in the world could. Says a lot about the intensity of Ox's strike eh?

4. Chelsea has an arch enemy

Last season saw Chelsea cruise to the title, effectively mowing down every team that dared to stop it on its tracks. Arsenal tried, but with Jose placing a you-cant-win-me-Arsene spell on Arsene, the team could only muscle out a draw in their previous attempt to win the champions. 

Having that spell now well and truly broken, Monsieur French can now have confidence in the team that it can surely reach the levels previously expected of Arsenal. 

It's about time no?

5. Jose Morinho is still, and remains to be in time eternity, a c**nt. 

Points a finger and does the Simpons "HAHA, HAHA!"


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