Getting That Gwanak Mountain High

Mountain High

Nearly five years ago, having just made it to Seoul National University, a total random stranger on the road asked me whether I was from India. I said no but I am from somewhere north of that country, from a country that's home to Mt. Everest. The guy looked me like he did seen a whale masturbating for the very first time and then pointed out to the Gwanak Mountain and said, "Hey look! There's a mountain here too! You should feel like home no?"

I looked at the direction at which that strange man was pointing but I saw no mountain. Maybe it's the cloud that's skewing the view, I thought. I thanked him for making me feel at home and asked him if I could just go find where my dorms was? Yes thank you. 

The sun set and the sun rose again and there I was waiting to be taken by the magnificent view of the snow caps. But as I stood there, with the clouds all clear, I could see absolutely nothing but a lonesome jumbo jet making its way across the sky leaving its white gibberish mark. What mountain was he talking about?... Then it finally set in; it was the hill, the HILL!!

The Gwanak hill, otherwise known as Mt. Gwanak. 

Well I found that hilarious up till this weekend when I decided that I needed to get away from my relationship for a while and think deep about absolutely nothing on mountain tops.

And so I did, only to realize they do have a valid reason for calling it a mountain. Just too damn rocky. 

And so it begins

Took the wrong way up, only to later find the right path while going down

Doesn't do justice calling it a mountain now does it?

I take that back. damn rocks

Seoul from the top. Was expecting something better. Wonder whats it like at night up here

Seoul National University on the way down.
The infamous 301 poking its ugly head out

Got lost on the way back. Realized I wasn't the only one. 


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