Holiday Plans

It's the first time since I joined the lab that I will be out for vacation and oh boy, do I need one right now. I didn't get one last year and perhaps this one has come at a very favorable timing. 

As you can see I can't help but be in the holiday mood already. 

There are a couple of things I wanted to do haven't been able to with constraints on time/money, however, after much tinkering I have decided that it's time that do stuff that I seriously wanted to do. No, not blacking out and going all couch potato-y and do a 24 hour 24. Maybe next time but not this time around. 

Adventure Korea [HERE] has a daily trip to go do a para-glide round around some valley(?). A fresh dose of adrenaline wouldn't be bad at all. There is, of course, doing the other trail on Mt. Gwanak which should be scratched off from the bucket list. Perhaps visit other mountain ranges nearby as well? Sounds like a plan.

AHA! The Bukhansan National Park [HERE] seems to fit the bill very well. According to the website, it has the highest amount of visitors per square foot so why not throw in a fresh pair of Nepalese legs to that as well? The courses aren't that long (3 hour tops), weather forecasts mention it's going to be cloudy for a couple of days and I have absolutely nothing to do. The combo is almost like the coke-momo combo I used to get excited about. 

I have made a point to focus on my health this month (better hide that sneaky laugh), and will be promptly diving in the pool everyday [HERE] during my off time. Haven't got to take a dip since misplacing my swimming gear but with a little bit of gmarket help, I am now pretty much stocked to go to the pool anytime I like. 

I did always think about going to one of those meetups in Seoul [HERE] largely stemming from the fact that I like meeting random people with similar interests and they do seem to have some interesting groups in there. If I am not wrong, the moroccan actually co-runs a group on Internet of Things, can't get any nerdier than that but I guess I will just end up hanging out with the Pub crawling folks skipping the late night clubbing.

There's a birthday party coming up soon as well, so it's likely that saturday mornings will be spent in around the bed nursing a terrible hangover. If not, will need to spend time at some museum. Yes, MUSEUM. Haven't gone to the War Memorial Museum [HERE] yet and I hear it's pretty awesome and HUGE so will have to set a side a WHOLE day. 

This caps thing is pretty awesome to use.


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