Photo Blog: Mt.Gwanak Advanced Trek

Taking it in
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I was with Le Swede the on DAY ONE of lets-just-go-crazy-and-climb-that-shit to complete the Mt.Gwanak Advanced Trail and I should admit, I have been to some crazy ass mountains back home but there were no places where I thought ropes would be useful. The idea had run on me but never seriously considered. That being said, it was exhilarating to place your complete trust on ropes that keeps reminding you of your horror days as a boy scout.

The trek begins, keep to the right!

Seoul National University and Le Swede's arse
Rocks starting to show up quite too often


If lost keep to the right! Ended up on the dreaded advanced trail
Buddha buddha buddha..

Ropes and more ropes

you slip and you fall

My turn
The buddhist temple had an eerie sense of calm.
almost unnerving
I wonder what civil engineering students have to say about this

way down, lunch on the horizon

Heading home

Ajumma flavored bathe and we are done!
Bonus: Bollywood pornstar pose


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