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When we were starting FanatiKorea, we had ton of different ideas that we really wanted to try with the platform we had. We were all enthusiastic writers, freshly retired from our student journalistic adventures through SNU Quill and we were really, really bored with whatever else we were up to. We knew that craft beer in Korea was picking up (I mean look at all the buzz it's creating these days, pubs are popping up like coffee shops) and gaining some steam, we knew that writing and reviewing what was out there was THE way to go.

But we didn't just limit ourselves in form of words, of printed expression of what we felt; we wanted something different, something that had a personal touch to it. And sure enough we decided to make a podcast. Even though it just me and johannes sitting down and talking and getting drunk over considerable selection of shit beers, it was a start. 

Sadly, like FanatiKorea itself, the fortnightly thing never ever took off. For one, recording a podcast is fun; all you need is your phone or just some handy recorder but then you have the post-recording work and that's where you need someone else to fill in and do it for you. While I did do that for episode one, it took several hours to tidy things out and I still thought there was a LOT more to clean up. With all the assignments and courses I was undertaking, this was a waste of time. 

After moving on to graduate school and after moving on to BK International House, I teamed up with my Shisha hangout group, Veda and Albin, to record four episodes of "Let's Shisha Podcast." The whole idea was to try smoking Shisha with a different liquid base each time (including non essentials such as floor cleaning liquid detergents, lime juice, cass and anything that was categorized as "liquid") and to talk to each other in the most vulgar manner possible without having any specific topic to discuss. While these recordings are here with me right now, I don't think we will ever be able to release it just because of the manner we speak. I think it's incredibly funny for only those who know us. For the rest, they will probably think we are absolute nuts. 

Interestingly, there are other people in the world who have dedicated their time to record, produce and edit podcasts in regular basis and given their product for free. What I am really impressed is the level of dedication these people have to make these things happen in the first place. You might think that this is their job and this is what they are supposed to do, which is a fair point, but it must have been an absolute gruel in the initial stages. 

Anyway, I have here, for today, listed out three of my favorite podcasts that I follow almost religiously. They are each from different genre and incredibly informative so you might want to give them a listen. 

I will begin with:

The Arsecast: [Football, Arsenal] 

Andrew Mangan is undoubtedly my favorite blogger, voice over artist and podcaster. He's the same guy who's also known as "Arseblogger" due to his daily updated Arsenal blog, Arseblog. I have read his blog every day since managing to spot it online back in 2006 (it was on OleOle), and give his arsecast a listen every friday until he decided to team up with a fellow arsenal and produce Arsecast Extra. Now I tune in both on fridays and mondays to see what he has to say pre-game, post-game. 

It is not only the content, the sarcasm, the caricature or simply his voice (was really disappointed after I got to see how he looks in real life, I guess I was imagining a James Bond figure only to find a bald headed dude) but his sense of humor, at times at somewhat cynical, that keeps you coming for more. He does have a large influence on me on how I shape my humor too.

PRI's The World: [News]

Host Marco Werman is perhaps lacks the humor I so sort out but he makes it up for his shrewd yet easy going news presenting/nterviewing style blends in incredibly well with current affairs to produce a news segment that's actually fun to listen to for a change. The World brings covers everything from world news, to current trends and cultures to even music; all in one single package.

Updated every weekdays, PRI's The World is worth a listen if you want to gain an insight into what's happening around you. Personally, I think it's one of those few news podcasts that doesn't depress you post-news.

StarTalkRadio: [Science]

Michio Kaku might be my favorite astrophysicist, but it's Neil Degrasse Tyson, the voted recently the sexiest Astrophysicist alive that has a pure nick to draw the attention of both science and non science background audience. Co-hosting with a range of other comics, scientists including likes of Chuck Nice and Planetary Society's CEO, Bill Nye and with new guests, the show covers range of topics on science, sociology, human anatomy to astrology and space.. It's just the go-to podcast if you want to broaden your knowledge on bizarre and non bizarre subjects that is bound to take put you at the edge of your seat while making you chuckle real hard every now and then. 

It's an incredible blend of knowledge and wit presented in the most informal/formal way possible. 


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