The Seasonal Mass Exodus

After getting dumped by my gf this weekend, I have come back to single ways now. I don't seem to feel much about the loss anyways; i guess that says a lot about the relationship I was having.

But today, it's not time to talk about lost relationships or lost gf's and what not, but to talk about lost friendships. Yes, it's that time of the year where people spread their wings and fly off to places unknown and leave you behind as you silently sit and sip on a glass of cheap whisky.

A small tribute blog to these people who will/ or have left Korea. It's is particularly sad that any possibility of paths crossing are thin but in my youthful but slightly battered heart, I still have hope.

That was cheesy.

Jose left for mexico to pursue dental studies while
Virgile's leaving this saturday after completing a 3 month internship at our lab

Virgile's girlfriend, Margot left earlier this morning

One last swing with Johannes before he heads out to Sweden
Veda (left) headed out to Chicago last week.
Will be coming back on December for his wedding, crazy!
Jon and Agatha left for HK with their new born

Danny's gf left a couple of days ago too to continue her studies in London
All I can say is, good luck to you guys. Will miss you.


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