Buzz Aldrin's Talk Program at Yonsei University

Alright guys, just a quick blogpost. The guys over at Yonsei University were the first to react to Buzz's visit to Korea and got him to do a talk program at their Centennial Concert Hall on September 21st, 2015. The program is set to begin at 2pm and need prior registration so if you are interested, I have posted a link to the site [HERE]. It's free btw. You will be among the 1000 present.

If, however, you still don't have any clue who Buzz Aldrin is..well..just make sure not to ask him about any conspiracy theories about people not walking on the moon. He's known to actually punch people on the face.

Schedule in Korean, which I vaguely understood, looks like this:

Registration starts at 2 till 2:30 and the actual talk with Buzz seems to be at 4:20. I don't think he will be present throughout the program but since I am not his secretary, I can't be sure of that.

The venue's location map:

Got a class till 1:40 that day but will try to get there when Buzz is on. 


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