Korea Copyright III: Seriously Lost In Translation

I heard that the party ended up being a sausage fest
credits: google.com
In the past five years I have lived in Korea, I have come across some hilarious/horrendous looking signboards/notebook covers/websites/people who make the most rudimentary mistakes in English (translation). Some remain to be oblivious but most just don't seem to care the least. The best part is nobody bothers to correct them anyways so it's up there 100% of the time, all the time.

The mistake I did was never to document them. One thing I have learned through education and research is to carefully document each and every step and one of the most simplest way of going about it is to take a snapshot. The same could have been applied to documenting the horrors and the R.I.P's of Englishi but hey, I guess I was just too busy pointing and laughing.

This blog will try to uncover some of those hidden gems that I have come across in recent months, all very 18+ based humor, so if you are a minor, I recommend you to simply press the red "X" button on top right corner.

Go on now...I have all the time in the world.

I knew you wouldn't but I had to say it for the sake of saying it. You little sneaky bastard.

Google Translate:
GT has been my best pal for the past five years, helping me to submit my badly korean written assignments, ask people if they have seen my lost trouser in public and obviously, on dates with people who didn't seem to understand what was coming out of my mouth. But for all that time, GT had never made me laugh. Made me confused, irritated, agitated and violent but never ever made me LOL until....

I was just trying to write natural cheese. Got the korean wrong.
XXX Hair Cuts:
Hair Cuts are expensive in Korea that's why I head out straight to SNU Hair, the worst possible hair saloon there is after all the Hajam's in Nepal. It's cheap, fast and always full of surprises. Oh well...

But recently, what surprised me even more was not the fantastically "I-did-not-order-you-to-cut-like-that" but rather the name of the parlor itself. Take a look at it yourself:

Not sure what to expect really. A lap dance while you cut your hair?
In Korea, anything looks possible. Just about anything.
This one in Seoul National University Station. Blasphemy!
College Magazine Name:
When the guys began the SNU english journal, they needed a name. They sat, discussed and outlined all the possible names they could and came out with an elegantly named "Quill" illustrating that everything inside was handcrafted for students. Meanwhile, at Catholic University of Korea they came out with a simple way to seriously f***ing up the name of their magazine...

Wonder why she's smiling
CUM as in Catholic University Magazine. Like they way how they add a STORY there.
Press Freedom, as they like to call it.
Face Pack:
If you head out to any beauty store; the Olive Youngs, the Green Nations (?) or whatever they are called, they are all packed with these fancy face masks that's supposed to be full of ingredients that are guaranteed to make you from looking like an Indian pornstar to looking somewhat like the dreamily eyed girl in the cover of CUM Story above. While I like that people want to be creative and experiment with face pack ingredients, I wouldn't be sure of this one..

Yep, it's all natural.
Credits: [HERE], the blog has a bunch of other hilarious lost in translations there.
Eccentric Chicken Parts on the Pan:
Korea is known for it's fiery food. The Chokbals , the Samgethangs, the Samgyabsals and the Chicken..assholes?

There's no assholes to eat, I am sure
Credits: woongkyoandyujung.blogspot.com
And if that's not enough, why don't we just name the whole  restaurant that?

Yep, that's where I am taking my next date
One-to-One Translation:
Translation from English to Korean and vice-versa has always been difficult. While I am not a grammar expert, the structure is just the opposite so if one goes about taking single word and translating it directly, the results would be something like this..

That's actually in Gwanaksa Dormitory in Seoul National University.
Mind you, it's the top school here and ranks 32nd in the world.
For a school aspiring to be "global", one cannot simply use google translate like their "global" students


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