GIFs Accurately Depicting Grad Life in Korea

why would you even name a coffee shop like this?
I got seriously bored trying to make my code work, so I am taking refuge here in my blog for a while, trying to stay calm because this is what I feel like doing to my lab's computer. 

I would prefer throwing it out of the window.

A friend of mine was telling me that it wouldn't be productive because I would then have to go and clean the shit up. 

He's right.

In staying true with the gifs, I have thoughtfully selected some GIF to depict what it's like being a graduate student in Korea. I wouldn't know the grad school life in US, but looking at what phdcomics has to publish every now and then, I assume it's similar minus the hangovers and "company" drinking sessions that we have to systematically endure. 

So ready?

The Class:

You see, some of the classes I take have to be in Korean. That's just the way it is. So every time the TA turns his head around when he speaks a word in English (as if being really considerate), I go:

The "Company Dinner"
Hweshiks in Korea is the norm rather than the exception. You go out with your workmates/labmates and you get pretty wasted with your boss or your prof. The time can extend anywhere from midnight to well before you show up for work the next day. 

My reaction when I get the news that we have hweshik  that night

The Next Day Hangover
The beauty of Hweshiks  are that no matter how drunk you are the previous day, you have to show up on time to work. That's just the way it is. 

So the next morning, I be like:

The "You May Go Home Now"
As a graduate student, the laboratory basically owns you. So when you have been working for 36 hours straight and the lab chief wakes you at 2 a.m and asks you to go get some rest because "the shit is going to get tough later," you be like..

When Your Boss Leaves
In Korea, you have to wait till the senior most guy leaves the office. Which he/she seldom leaves. So when you see your boss leaving soon...

During the Meeting
When the prof asks regarding how the research has progressed so far

Research Topic
When you tell your seniors what your thesis is going to be about

National Holiday
In our laboratory, we have show up for work on saturdays too. So when your lab chief tells you that it's a national holiday on saturday (while the rest of the nation mourns loss of a holiday), you go...

"The F**k Up"
When you blow up a very important part of the electronics and try to act innocent

When your grad school friend tells you that he's getting married and that you'r invited


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